Our Structure

MASAF consists of three entities; the legislative council, the executive council and the regional councils.


1. Legislative Council
The members of this council are appointed and this council consists of five people who have equal power. The role played by this council is to ensure continuity and ensure that the executive council is accountable for their actions. They serve as a check and balance; the executive council will need to get approval from the legislative council before implementing a project or policy.
2. Executive Council
Formerly know as the HICOM. This is the entity that carries out the planning and coordination of activities throughout France. They are also actively involved in the financial management of MASAF: to look for sponsors and to distribute funds to the regions. The executive council has the authority to appoint city representatives and also the regional chiefs. The executive council will also deal with external matters such as collaborations with other entities in Europe.
3. Regional Council
There are six regional councils and a regional chief heads each. The members of the council consist of all the city representatives in the region. However, it always open to others who are interested and they are subject to the approval of the regional chief. In general, the regional council serves as the entity that executes the planning of the executive council.


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