MANIFESTO : Abdul Fattah Bin Samsuri

Assalamualaikum and bonjour,

I Abdul Fattah Bin Samsuri, currently studying mechanical engineering at IUT Aix-Marseille, am running for the Director of Bureau Culture, session 2017/2018. As a foreign student, I believe that I have a role as an ambassador of Malaysia. I have always been passionate about promoting Malaysian culture among our students and the locals. For me, it is necessary to know and to understand our own heritage because as the old saying goes ” tak kenal maka tak cinta”.

As Director, this spirit should be shared and given out to achieve MASAFs objectives.

Firstly, my vision is to ensure the success of our annual events, Malaysian Night, Art Festival Malaysia and many more. I would collaborate with the local arts society to broaden the participation among the French locals during such events.

Secondly, promoting our culture especially amongst our Malaysian students is of the upmost importance. To do so, using social medias to share cultural information, eg, via MASAFs twitter or Facebook Page. In addition, students will have the opportunity to feel close to this bureau by giving them the chance to perform and show up their talent.

With my experiences as a member of Bureau Culture for the term 2016/2017 and my participation as a volunteer during MGXI, the direction of MASAF is one for the students, and the Malaysian heritage. You are a key element to the success of MASAF, and together, we can achieve greatness.

Même si je ne suis personne, je contribuerai toujours pour chaque personne.


MANIFESTO : Nur Zafirah Rashid

Assalamualaikum wbt and bonjour.

First and foremost, I’d like to present my candidacy as Executive Director of MASAF 2017/2018.

I’m Zafirah. A second year DUT student, currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering in IUT Aix-Marseille, in Aix-en-Provence. Being a former member of the Communications Bureau, I aspire to broaden my horizons in being a medium – not only between Malaysian students in France – but also being a connection between us and the world. Hence, being a voice.

Working with MASAF for the past year had lead me to believe that I am capable in delivering to the people, working as a team and handling tasks that a typical student is accustomed to. Thus, if elected as Executive Director, here are a few things that I will try to achieve:

1. Intending in being a voice for MASAF, I’d like to create more ties with other Asian students’ associations in France. Knowing that we are a minority, by creating ties, we may not only broaden our circle of friends, but we could also form connections between countries for the benefit of our careers in the future.

2. In conjunction with creating ties with Asian students in France, I would also intend to come forward as a mouthpiece, for students in France, to Malaysia. Promoting France as an educational institute so that future students would stop being afraid of stepping into a country that is completely foreign as compared to our own; learning a new language, culture, education system. I aim to encourage us to give more talks to students back in Malaysia so that one day, the French higher education system will too be on par as the UK, US and Australian systems.

3. Engaging more on humanitarian work and pulling more scholars in giving back to the society. Journée Sans Faim was a huge success but had disappeared within the last year and thus, I hope to bring back such activities so that we would not only enhance our academic capacity, but to accompany the knowledge that we acquired, we could also enhance the level of humanity within us.

It may be a long shot and it may be a bit too ambitious but I believe, come what may, if we have the support of our community – and having a superb team that will be working behind the scenes – anything, is achievable. As long as we put our minds and hearts into it, the greater good shall rise.

MANIFESTO : Muhammad Noor Amirul

Assalamualaikum, salam Ramadhan dan selamat sejahtera kepada semua.

Saya Muhammad Noor Amirul Bin Noor Azman, pelajar tahun keempat di Universiti Teknologi Belfort-Montbéliard, dengan sukacitanya menyatakan hasrat saya untuk bertanding dalam Pilihanraya Umum Masaf Sesi 2017/2018, untuk menyandang jawatan Pengarah Biro Kebudayaan.

Sepanjang 4 tahun tempoh pengajian saya di Perancis, saya telah banyak menyertai aktiviti yang dianjurkan Masaf, baik kecil mahupun besar, tidak mengira di Perancis atau di Malaysia. Kesungguhan keluarga Masaf untuk menyumbang, walau di balik tabir, kepada komuniti Malaysia di Perancis semata-mata untuk kegembiraan semua telah menarik minat saya untuk mengambil bahagian dalam keluarga Masaf serta menabur bakti kembali kepada anda semua.

Seandainya saya terpilih untuk menyandang jawatan ini, visi saya adalah:

– Memastikan aktiviti-aktiviti anjuran Biro Kebudayaan Masaf lebih berprestij dan berdiri sama gah dengan aktiviti-aktiviti utama Masaf seperti Hari Graduasi, Hari Sukan Masaf, FEDEX dan seumpamanya.

– Mencari lebih banyak lagi bakat yang boleh mempertonton lagi budaya Malaysia di mata dunia amnya, dan di Perancis khususnya.

– Menggalakkan penyertaan keluarga Masaf secara menyeluruh dari latar belakang berbeza dalam aktiviti antara budaya seperti sambutan perayaan yang berlainan untuk mengukuhkan perpaduan dan persefahaman antara kita, dan umumnya antara rakyat Malaysia.

Apalah visi saya tanpa sokongan daripada anda semua. Klik di pautan di bawah untuk mendaftar sebagai pengundi untuk Pilihanraya Umum Masaf Sesi 2017/2018.

Bersama Memartabatkan Budaya Kita.



MANIFESTO : Wong Jun tat


First of all, I’m honored to be given the opportunity to run for Director of Editorial. I’m currently a firstyear chemical engineering student in IUT Saint Nazaire, part of PF13 batch. I’ve joined the Bureau of Entrepreneurship and Leadership and handled various tasks. Being an active member of MASAF, I was the Head of Merchandise for the MASAF games 2016 and the event manager of All-Star Leadership Camp 2016 under guidance of my director. It’s been one year of learning, and I wish to contribute further to MASAF.

Based on my observation, the Editorial Bureau normally handles the posters for events. In fact, we can actually go beyond that by providing practical information in graphics, for example current issues in France or in Malaysia. Many students, being far from home, are not updated on the hottest issue happening. Instead of reading news, we can provide short, detailed information in order to draw their attention to economics and politics. Same can be applied when we promote summer break programs. We have many students who have been involved in Teach for Malaysia (TFM) or engineering related events such as Industry Insights, and by telling their experience would be a huge boost to appeal for more attention.

I have always shared the passion of writing and have written one article on From my experience, it’s important to share valuable opinions, which is why I would make MASAF a platform. We would invite any interested ones to send us their articles, and by doing so attracting more attention from students of France. Students in other fields such as business and French language can make their presence stronger, and thus bridging the gap between engineering and non-engineering students.

Throughout my experience, I can see the structure of MASAF more clearly. From my point of view, one of the core values of MASAF is the cooperation between different departments. I intend to continue the efforts by working closely with different departments. The first edition of La Légende was impressive and gives coverage on all the events happening, but it would be more insightful if we tell the stories from a committee’s point of view, or even participants’. By achieving this, we would encourage our readers to join events or be part of it.

Our goal is to empower MASAF by empowering students with knowledge. I hope I’d be fit as a candidate and together make MASAF better