MANIFESTO : Muhammad Mustaqim Bin Azhar


Manifesto Pilihan Raya Masaf 2017/2018

Assalamualaikum WBT. Dan Salam Sejahtera,

Sebelum saya memulakan manifesto ini, izinkan saya memperkenalkan diri terlebih dahulu. Nama penuh Muhammad Mustaqim Bin Azhar. Lebih dikenali dengan gelaran Bob. Berasal dari Klang, Selangor dan sekarang sedang menuntut di Institut Ecole Polytechnique Orléans dalam bidang Kejuruteraan Mekanikal.

Saya telah berkhidmat dalam MASAF sejak dari tahun 2014 sebagai jurugambar rasmi dan pada tahun lalu saya telah menjawat jawatan sebagai Pengarah Biro IT dan Multimedia. Dan pada tahun ini saya akan bertanding untuk jawatan yang sama. Hal ini demikian kerana saya dapat mengenal pasti beberapa kelemahan yang boleh saya perbaiki dan beberapa peluang yang harus saya terokai bagi memperbaharu secara amnya Biro IT dan Multimedia MASAF pada tahun ini.

Say cheese!


MANIFESTO : Muhammad Azri Bin Muhammad Zamri


Manifesto Biro Sukan & Rekreasi

1) Mengekalkan sukan-sukan tahunan – Regional Games dan Masaf Games dan memperbanyakkan lagi aktiviti-aktivi yang bersesuaian untuk pelajar

2) Mewujudkan hubungan aktiviti sukan dengan persatuan pelajar Malaysia negara lain, contoh perlawanan persahabatan

3) Mengadakan aktiviti luar di bawah team sport Masaf seperti aktiviti lasak (setiap regional)

4) Mewujudkan e-sports untuk Masaf games untuk pelajar-pelajar yang tidak bermain sukan dapat menyertai Masaf games


MANIFESTO : Chin Yi Hien

chin yi hien

Hello everyone! I am Chin Yi Hien, FP-15 student in France. I am a 2 nd year civil engineering student in IUT de Reims. I am currently running for MASAF’s 2017/18 election as Director of Entrepreneurial and Leadership (E&L) Bureau.

I joined MASAF as committee member in E&L Bureau in 2016 and I think that I can now lead this bureau in order to increase our contribution to Malaysian students in France by making some changes. These are the objectives that our bureau will achieve if I am elected as the bureau director:

1. Transform ALC to Annual Entrepreneurship and Leadership Camp

I participated ALC 2016 as organiser. We faced a lot of difficulties and challenges that

allowed me to gain experiences in organising a programme. Hence, I think I am able to improve this beneficial programme by not repeating the former mistakes. I wish to attract more students to this programme by adding in entrepreneurial elements such as preparation of business plan, financial knowledge and administrative processes.

2. Cooperate with Marché Malaisien FB page

We decided to start a new platform for students to exchange or sell their belongings or services. For example, students who are moving from their cities can sell their furnitures to those who are arriving, students can also propose meal services in their city. However, there is already a similar platform on Facebook which is “Marché Malaisien”. Therefore, I want to cooperate with the page admin and have the page always active.

3. Encourage students on the entrepreneurial path

Nowadays, there are more and more entrepreneurs who succeeded in their start-up business. I believe there are many students who are interested to be entrepreneur after graduate. In my opinion, it is now the moment we are going to learn these entrepreneurial skills and begin our path.

To accomplish these missions, I will need your vote. Of course, if you have better ideas and wish to learn more, feel free to contact me or join my team as a committee member of E&L Bureau.

Thank you.




Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.59.07 pm
  • 2nd year Civil Engineering student at IUT of Rennes
  • Deputy Director of the Academics Bureau for the year 2016/2017
  • Headed the logistics team for MASAF’s first Career Fair Weekend at Paris

Bureau of Corporate Relations

  • Problematic
  • MASAF is a budding organization which has only started to be active in the past 2-3 years. Hence, MASAF doesn’t have strong ties with the industry players in Malaysia.
  • Compared to students from Anglo-Saxon countries, our students tends to be out of touch with the industries back in Malaysia due to the lack of exposure and our hectic timetable.
  • Our students are not well represented in the job market in Malaysia.
  • Goals
  • To create a system that enables MASAF to maintain a strong relationship with the MNCs in Malaysia.
  • To make know MASAF’s presence among the MNCs in Malaysia.
  • Do fund-rising and organise activities in cooperation with the MNCs.
  • To increase recognition, understanding and promote French Graduates, as employees who are competent, highly adaptive and able to think out of the box due to the various internship done in France or Europe. Hence making them standing on par or higher compared to their peers in terms of technical and soft skills.
  • To promote students involvement in French-Malaysian companies joint projects.
  • Programs

My actions are divided into 3 definitive steps which is COLLABORATE, INVOLVEMENT and STAND OUT. These 3 steps enables us to create a strong foundation for us as French trained graduates to have a strong footing in the job market once they have finished their education in France.


  • Drafting and realising a 1-2 week “stage d’observation” during summer, allowing the students to gain insight and establish their network in the industry back in Malaysia.
  • Programme de parrainage with French companies that conduct business in Malaysia.
  • Allowing these companies to take in Malaysian students as interns in France, training them. Hence, making them employable and ready for insertion once they’re back in Malaysia.


  • Getting our students to take part in France-Malaysia joint projects which enables us to contribute our know-how as French Bred Talents in the development of our Nation.  Future and on-going France-Malaysia joint projects includes :
    • Sime Darby- Engie, Solar energy integrated facilities management services
    • Systra-myHSR, High Speed Rail Civil Infrastructure
    • Technip-Petronas Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (PFLNG 1) Facility
    • TNB-EDF, MoU on knowledge sharing
    • AIRBUS/DCNS-Ministry of Defence
      • Scorpene Submarine maintenance and Airbus A400m Cargo


As the Malay proverb goes, “Tak kenal maka tak cinta”. Through these programs these companies will get to know better of us. The French Graduates are trained in an international environment, having done various Internship in France or in Europe. Not to say, we’re totally submerged in a foreign environment making us highly adaptive, competent and being able to think out of the box. At the meantime, possessing strong interpersonal skills. Which as a result makes us highly employable as future employees.


Our previous leadership has started to build the foundation for MASAF and it is up to us to improve and continue the legacy. As such, all the previous programmes will be continued and side-projects will be done to valorise MASAF.  

  • Collect and document the profiles and CVs of graduating students and sending them with a description of the SFERE/CampusFrance – JPA program to the MNCs in Malaysia.
    • This acts as a marketing tool for us to make know of our presence and create understanding of the French graduates in Malaysia among the MNCs.
  • Improving the annual Career Fair in cooperation with the Academics bureau, MIDA and MFCCI.
  • Preparing a Lettre de motivation and CV guide in cooperation with the Editorial Bureau and Academics bureau.
  • « Reach-OUT!! » project, in which students are encouraged to present themselves and talk about their experience in France at their secondary schools as a means to develop their presentation and interpersonal skills.

Targeted Companies

    • TNB-EDF
    • Technip-Petronas
    • DCNS
    • Airbus
    • Orinox
    • Sanofi
    • Sime Darby – Engie
    • Systra,SNCF-MyHS


  1. To leverage our support system:
      • The Ambassador
      • En. Akmal
      • MIDA
      • MFCCI
  1. Committee members will be given more responsibilities to handle, enabling us to nurture future leaders
  2. Start early !!!!!

Work Structure

  • Meeting at least once per month.
  • Team members will be given individual task.

Team Goals

  • To improve interpersonal skills
  • To have a system that allows a smooth flow of information
  • To be independent in handling a task
  • Communication is given utmost priority