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     There are 4 companies in total, 2 companies in aerospace and defense sector, 1 maritime and construction and 1 floating solar farm construction. These are all the companies that will be attending the workshop. This is a great opportunity to ask about your internship and career prospect. Don’t hesitate to register ASAP! See you guys there.

The companies are companies GIFAS, DAHER, Piriou et Ciel et Terre

On the 27th of January, at the Grand hotel of Orleans, Toulouse, 45 students all suited up attended MASAF Industrial Insights 2018. This event was the result of MASAF’s collaboration with MIDA to strengthen ties industry players in France.

There were 4 companies that participated in this event with each of them sending in their representative. Ciel et Terre was represented by , Daher Group was represented by , Piriou was represented by and Orinox was represented by

As we know, investment from France in Malaysia mostly concentrates in the high-tech sector, namely the aerospace, oil and gas infrastructure , pharmaceutical, defence, and telecom. Trade between Malaysia and France stands at 5 billion euros across all sectors in 2016. In recent times, the aerospace industry in Malaysia has experienced strong  growth without the exception of involvement from the French companies such as Safran and Daher.

However, participating companies during this event were from different industries. Other participating companies were: Ciel et Terre, a company specialising in floating solar panel installation, they have installed a floating solar plant of 108 kWH on a water storage pond, located in Sepang city, Malaysia; Piriou, a shipbuilding company which is evaluating Malaysia as a potential location to set up their ship yard ;ORINOX, a worldwide software consulting, Plant Design & Engineering firm specializing in digitalization using the AVEVA suite of products.

Each of the company presented their business interest in Malaysia and had a sharing session with the students. The event ended with a group photo and nasi lemak being distributed to the participants.

As a footnote, Malaysian students studying in France  are being sought after by French companies in Malaysia for as their ability to converse in French, Malay, Chinese, Tamil and other dialects. Recently, MASAF Corporate Relations has widen our network to about 54 company, and it is expected to grow even further. Opportunity awaits you.

by : Khoo Kee Win