– Say goodbye to CAMP –

There was an idea, to bring together a group of Malaysian students from all over France to enjoy themselves on a 3-day spree of awesome activities and breathtaking sceneries. This was possible as the hot summer was being replaced by the cold winds of Autumn. So, it sprung to life after almost 3 months of planning by the E&L bureau, a retreat deep in the mountains beside a beautiful lake: MASAF Retreat 2017 from the 28th to the 30th of October at Les Hameaux du Perrier. 52 Malaysian students from all over France joined us in this amazing journey in the wilderness. When interviewed, the Head Organizer, Arvinderan, described the event as “An event that brought students from everywhere together just to have a few days filled with nothing but relaxation and fun. Having said that, I also feel the need to send my gratitude to each participant and of course to the E & L family who put in a tremendous amount of effort to make this event a success. Plus, I’m really eager for MASAF Retreat 2.0 !!!”.

Various activities were organized to keep the event fun going, from the old school arm wrestling to night frisbee where participants were glowing with fluorescent colours in the pitch-black night. Being a Malaysian, our food can be equated to life itself. Thus, one first night, participants were pampered with barbecue and nasi briyani. We could tell from the smiles on their faces and the bumps on their bellies that it was indeed a satisfying and relaxing evening. However, the highlight of the whole event was the 2-hour kayaking at the lake below the camping site accompanied by delicious spaghetti and bolognaise sauce that made every participants day.

Well, our tiring days always ended with small gatherings in our chalets. Capable of holding up to 10 people, these little house-like structures now hold uncountable memories of laughter and joy of our very own students. With 94 chalets, this camping site can be said to be known for its excellent service and breathtaking sceneries.

Ups and downs are part of the game and success is born from many failures. Having said that, even though there were a number of hick ups here and there, MASAF Retreat 2017 was a huge success in terms of attaining its primary objectives. We’ll sure be waiting for Retreat 2.0!

by : Arvinderan Balakumaran