Malaysian Arts Festival (Malay: Festival Seni Malaysia) is an exciting cultural event that welcomes the public and Malaysian students in France especially, to experience the diversity of cultural arts of Malaysia such as the cuisines, poetry, martial arts, traditional games and many more. The one whole day event will take place in Besançon, France on the 23rd of February 2019.
The event presents to audience with interesting performances like ‘Silat Gayung Fatani’ and ‘Pantun Sayang’ to let others indulge into the rich Malaysian culture. Besides, during the festival itself, the attendees will get the chance to be involved in the fascinating workshops such as ‘Canting Batik’- a unique visual art in Malaysia and calligraphy arts namely ‘Khat’ and Chinese calligraphy. Not to be missed, fun outdoor and indoor traditional games will be prepared to live up childhood memories again! The best part is, attendees people will get to have a taste of authentic Malaysian food, as there will be variety types of cuisines to be tasted at the stalls. Additionally, this is the chance to present a clearer and vivid picture of Malaysia, including its history and traditional attires in a structured exhibition.
Malaysian’s variety in its culture and tradition deserve to be shared internationally and it can be discovered through this Malaysian Arts Festival. Besides being the platform to share knowledge and uniqueness about the country, it also creates a chance for Malaysian students to enhance their collaborative skills in organizing activities. Being the representatives of Malaysian and Malaysia itself, students should feel nothing but proud of their nation as this portrays an unconditional love to our homeland and its heritage through their participation in this event.

Share your love for Malaysian food with everyone! Come and open a booth with us on the upcoming FSM!

This year, we have decided to offer different type food according to the specific meal time (breakfast, lunch and tea) throughout the event. Fill up the form provided and get in touch with our team.

Malaysian Arts Festival 2019

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