By Franco

MSGA Summit, held on the 21st of July in Sunway University, is an annual program held by the Malaysian Students’ Global Alliance to gather young Malaysians for exchange of experiences, ideas and opportunities. The theme for this year is “Crossing Borders”.
The MSGA was formed as a global coalition of Malaysian student organizations worldwide. Its mandate is to act as the global leader and representative body of Malaysian students, both serving and leading Malaysian students worldwide.

Among those present on the day were members from MASAF, NAMSA, PPMK, MSAJ and etc. Representing MASAF, we had our president Jamie Kuk Mijim, our vice president Muhammad Ammar Ridzuan followed by several other committee members

“We don’t define a class status to differentiate or discriminate yet to educate and celebrate”

Throughout the session, several topics were proposed by participating councils, including Struggle & Survival, Think Globally Fit Locally, Youth & Humanity, Future of the Malaysian Education System, Voicing Out the Unheard and the Orang Asli Future Sustainable Education and several others. These topics were discussed through parallel sessions, in the morning and in the afternoon. Each participant got to participate in two sessions of their choice.

MASAF’s team had chosen the topic of “Class Mobility”. It aims to discuss the topic of social mobility and to develop a policy recommendation on how to tackle the issue of class stagnation. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doris Padmini Selvaratnam from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, (National University of Malaysia) UKM was invited to be the speaker of the session. She gave an informative talk on class mobility, ending with an important advice, “We don’t define a class status to differentiate or discriminate yet to educate and celebrate”. Then, participants are divided into two groups for a case study concerning the importance of education in improving upward mobility.

MSGA Summit ends with a panel session of the topic “Crossing Borders: Youth & The Future of Work” between several speakers with backgrounds ranging from World Bank, Fave, PwC and the Penang Institute. An inspiring speech was given by YB Michell Ng in the closing ceremony.

“This was the first time MASAF takes part in organising one of the parallel session so for me, it’s a good exposure for us to know how to organise a joint event like this and to meet with students from other students association.” praised our president, Jamie Kuk when we asked for her feedback on the event held. She agreed that it was a good idea and also added “I love the topics discussed during the summit. The only improvement I think that could have been made, I am not sure if it is already done or not yet, is to take further (collective) actions/solutions on the issues discussed during the summit.”