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Bilangan Pengundi Terkini

Calon-calon Ahli Jawatankuasa Tertinggi MASAF 2018/2019


masaf election
Jamie Kuk

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to
be able to run as your President for MASAF’s General Elections 2018/2019. Allow me to
introduce myself to you. My name is Jamie Kuk Mijim, third-year Mechanical Engineering
student at École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Metz (ENIM). I have been involved in MASAF
since my first year in France; as a committee member of the Corporate Relations Bureau
(15/17) for two years and also as Director of Academics and Education (17/18).

During this election, I am honoured to be able to run together with my colleagues,
Muhammad ‘Ammar Ridzuan and Arvinderan Balakumaran, both running as your Vice
President, more specifically ‘Ammar as Vice-President of Internal Affairs and Arvinderan as
Vice-President of External Affairs. Here’s an introduction for the both of them : ‘Ammar is a
second-year Mechanical Engineering student at IUT Aix-en-Provence and has also been
actively participating in MASAF, working together with me in the Corporate Relations
Bureau (16/17) and currently the Executive Director (17/18). Arvin on the other hand, is a
second-year Chemical Engineering student at IUT Sète-Montpellier and was a committee
member of Entrepreneur and Leadership Bureau (16/17) and is currently the Director of
Entrepreneur and Leadership (17/18).

I believe that all of the experiences acquired by our past participation in organizing events
with MASAF helped us to understand the vision and mission of MASAF and establish an
excellent working ambiance between the three of us and our friends within the committee.
MASAF has come a long way since its creation in 2007, achieving milestones upon
milestones and we would like to see as MASAF progresses forward, we would be able to
cater the needs of Malaysian students in France be it their personal or professional
development. Through MASAF, I aim to prepare our fellow Malaysian students to equip
ourselves with interpersonal, intrapersonal and cognitive skills hence the professionalism
to nurture the joy of working together and last but not least, to be able to contribute to
MASAF in the future especially through extensive networks to facilitate students’

Listed below are the proposals that my team and I have laid out, conforming to the MASAF
Hexagon :

Student Development

  1. Exposure to more cultivating and intellectual discourses such as the Interfaith
    Forum and Industrial Insight to broaden minds and enhance critical thinking.
  2. Ensure involvement at a more grass root level, and the involvement of more
    students in designing and creating activities.
  3. Revamp the energy of existing social programs through the EnL bureau to develop
    and boost leadership skills as well as conversational skills.
  4. Nurture and boost professional skills expertise in preparation for the students
    career after graduating
  5. Create a MASAF Newsletter, another initiative in conjunction with MASAF La
    Legende Magazine that intends to promote future events and encourage students to
    voice out or share their opinions

Sports and recreation

MASAF Games as it does each year will continue to expand and enlarge, this time
hoping to reach a bigger variety of european students. A greater focus will be on the
involvement of girls in the games.

  1. Regional games to cater even further towards girls and e-sports tournaments to
    foster up the spirit of togetherness.
  2. Discovery of more exciting and adventurous sports such as free diving, skiing,
    snowboard, hiking and many more under the name of MASAF Extreme Sports.

Culture and Heritage

  1. Opening up FSM to the public has seen a larger number of guests, and following last
    year’s success, a more bigger and grander FSM is well on it’s way. Relationships with
    the tourism ministry as well as other organisations (Ie; MAS, AirAsia) would ensure
    more funding.
  2. Opening up the Malaysian culture to the local French community via local events
    such as the Interfaith Talk and FSM.
  3. Improve our relations with local ASEAN counterparts to collaborate and share
    experiences as well as proposing potential corporate relations

Charity and social movement

  1. Promote volunteerism by collaborating or having a joint venture with charity
    movement partners such as Small Changes and The Kalsom Movement.
  2. Revive the “Journée Sans Faim” and solving previous problems such as changes to
    the program allowing it to be carried out at every city in line with local authorities
    and regulations
    3. Collaborate with our affiliates at the Malaysian Students’ Global Alliances (MSGA) to
    establish and voice MASAF’s stances/opinions on relevant issues


  1. Further decentralize MASAF in support for democracy and increase participation
    among students, thus involving everyone with a hands on approach to construct and
    coordinate programs.
  2. Bottom-up management : Encourage the spirit of togetherness thus making
    everyone a large part of the end goal
  3. Create a new sharing environment between bureaus as to aid the consistency and
    ease of diffusion of tasks.

With these aforesaid initiatives, I hope that we can stand hand in hand in order achieve
these goals together to ensure that MASAF will keep on moving forward and contribute to
the success of our fellow students. Even though each of us might have different mission to
achieve, I believe that working together with MASAF would not only help us to attain our
common goals, but at the same time prepare ourselves with the dynamism and finesse
needed. I look forward to working with all of you and making the best of the moments and
opportunities that we have ahead of us.

Yours truly,
Jamie Kuk Mijim


Experiences in MASAF

  • Editorial bureau’s Committee member for MASAF Session 2016/2017 & 2017/2018
  • Design La Légende Magazine Edition 03 for Yearbook Version (for graduates 2018) and Online Version
  • Wrote a report for some meetings in MASAF’s Editorial Bureau Session 2017/2018
  • Wrote a report for some events in MASAF Session 2016/2017 (for La Légende Edition 02)
  • Participation in hall decoration for Festival Seni Malaysia 2018 in Grenoble- Registration crew in MASAF Games 2015, 2016 & 2017


Secretary is not only about collecting data, making a report and handling correspondence, but also about contributing great ideas in making decisions

Looking for

  • To pursue La Legende Magazine in the next session if Editorial Bureau is disbanded
  • To ensure all activities managed by MASAF are family-friendly; allowing for a homely social atmosphere for students to participate in
  • To ensure all activities are well-rounded; covering students’ welfare, social well-being, nation building, career development, academics & intellectual, culture & traditions and sports.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Pertama sekali,saya meluahkan rasa syukur saya kerana diberi peluang untuk menjadi calon umum pilihan anda bagi jawatan Setiausaha MASAF sesi 2018/2019.  Sebagai ahli jawatankuasa biro akademik sesi 2017/2018, saya banyak diberi peluang untuk membantu dalam memudahkan kelancaran acara yang di anjurkan oleh pihak MASAF,antaranya ialah :

  1. dengan menjadi ahli jawatankuasa EduTalk yang dijalankan di Tours pada awal tahun ini

 ( penghasilan poster)

  1. membantu dalam menyediakan surat surat rasmi permohonan dana utk masaf graduation day
  2. membantu menyediakan teks ucapan duta serta menjadi juruacara majlis bagi Masaf Graduation Day yang akan dilangsungkan 30 Jun ini

Saya juga diberi peluang untuk menggalas tanggungjawab ketua First Aid untuk Masaf Games 2018 yang di anjurkan di Nice baru baru ini.

Saya sangat menghargai waktu saya di dalam  MASAF dan saya bersyukur jika diberi peluang itu sekali lagi. Sejujurnya masih banyak lagi yang perlu saya pelajari daripada MASAF,sebab itu saya tidak berhasrat membuat manifesto setebal 15 muka surat, cukuplah sekadar berjanji bahawa saya akan membantu urusan dalaman dan luar MASAF, penghasilan surat surat rasmi,serta menyokong biro biro lain di dalam MASAF,atau dalam kata mudah nya, SU yang FUNCTION la. In Sha Allah anda tidak akan mendengar masalah” surat tak siap sebab azran tak buat kerja”, In Sha Allah tidak.

Jadi,tengok nama azran dekat ruangan undi ketik lah kat situ,mudah saja




Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Izinkan saya memperkenalkan diri. Nama diberi Nur Afariza Hanim atau lebih dikenali sebagai Afa. Saya merupakan pelajar tahun kedua di IUT de Nice Côte d’Azur yang bakal bertanding bagi jawatan bendahari MASAF sesi 2018/2019.

Saya mempunyai pengalaman menyertai MASAF selama setahun sebagai ahli biro sukan sesi 2017/2018. Selain itu, saya juga telah diberi kepercayaan untuk memegang jawatan bendahari bagi acara “Masaf Games 2018”. Pengalaman tersebut memberi sedikit sebanyak gambaran tentang skop tugas yang bakal saya pikul jika saya terpilih untuk memegang jawatan tersebut.

Andai kata amanat ini diberikan kepada saya, saya akan memastikan :

  1. Peruntukan-peruntukan yang diperlukan untuk sesebuah program akan dikaji dengan teliti terlebih dahulu
  2. Keluar masuk wang dari akaun MASAF akan direkodkan secara sistematik untuk mengelakkan penyelewengan yang tidak sepatutnya
  3. Ketulusan dalam menyediakan rekod kewangan setiap bulan

Semua sedia maklum bahawa jawatan ini bukanlah jawatan yang mudah untuk dipikul tetapi jika anda merasakan saya layak, maka berikanlah kepercayaan anda kepada saya.

Brian McSalako Nickson Girima

What makes MASAF a successful Malaysian society in France? Two key factors; one, their students, and two, their support.

Just throw along a bit of vision and commitment, our MASAF society is now as it is : a splendid, active, caring, and, motivated students’ association in France. It is not an easy feat to partake into this association if none of these key items are present among us. Even if we are generally dispersed all around France, we somehow made the distance looks so short, thanks to everyone who are willing to participate and cooperate with each other.

As I love enjoy the spirit of togetherness between us Malaysians, I am willing to join MASAF this year, not as a bureau director again (for that, I leave it to my successor as I have my utmost trust on her), but as an Executive Director, who is willing to aid and support the MASAF committee to be as grandiose, peaceful and jovial as it is right now, or maybe better. Having been involved with MASAF for 2 terms already, I can see that the organization us evolving from time to time, expanding it’s vision, ideas and ideals; for the sake of our well-being in France. My heart and spirit are always up for this ideals as the committee really helped my a lot to discover new things and better, help me evolve into a better man I am now.

If you think that MASAF have done a lot and maybe better for you, I will be happy to partake another journey with it, and open up your eyes and chances to self-discovery and meetings with Malaysians all around of France.

Oh, dan Selamat Ramadhan dan Selamat Hari Raya semua 🙂

Thank you for sharing this vision with me.
Brian McSalako Nickson Girima,
MASAF Executive Director 2018/2019 Candidate


Through my tenure as the director of Corporate Relations, I’ve been able to establish MASAF corporate network. We had initiated communication with multiple companies, be-it SMEs or MNCs. All these companies are seen as companies with high development  potential in Malaysia and has shown strong interest in our students.

Our network gets bigger as the day goes by and at this moment it’s still in its infancy.  As such it’s my objective to envision a long term planning, as such that to ensure a continuous progression.

Here’re my objective for this coming tenure:

  1. To improve MASAF-InvestKL and MASAF-MIDA employment and internship programme- Better transparency, and efficiency.
  2. To envision a long term plan for MASAF Corporate Relations.
  3. To guide the Bureau of Corporate Relations in their activities and development.
  4. Try to protect the rights and benefits of our students on the corporate level.




I am Dalilah Ashikin Azhar, studying International Business at Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble. I am running for the position of MASAF Executive Director 2018.

Underlying motivation for the post

I believe everyone should use the full potential that God has given them to contribute back to the society, and therefore I should do the same.


There are several things involving Finance, Media (Communication) and Organisational Culture of MASAF that I wish to improve with the help of other credible committees. Some of my plans are as follows;

  • MASAF Finance

o   Ensure and revise finance sources that are beneficial for students for a long-term partnership

o   Introduce indicators to measure the effectiveness of events in helping sponsors for sustainable finance sources

o   Filter the objectives of each event and remained only those that are beneficial and reasonable for students

o   Introduce a physical “Tabung for MASAF” to other Malaysia organizations in France that want to help; such as in Malaysian Restaurants, shops, and other associations.

o   Revise MASAF shipping program to encourage MASAF market between Malaysia & France

o   Introduce MASAF database that keeps records of transaction details to avoid future redundancy in managing events.

  • Organisational Culture

o   Introduce MASAF executives and directors to appraisal methods to improve leadership quality.

o   Strengthen the culture of appreciation, giving recognition and other forms of intrinsic motivation among students.

o   Encourage transparent feedbacks and solutions between student and committee members with the limitation of no usage of barbaric languages.

o   Learn and understand the culture of everyone to strengthen the culture of respect

o   Train leaders and directors about time management, organizational skills, and objectivity to be more efficient.

o   Introduce MASAF mentor-mentee program to encourage exchange in knowledge, skill and to ease the next election process.

  • Media

o   Ensure MASAF page and all MASAF accounts will be updated from time to time with MASAF events, beneficial information and inspirational news.

o   Measuring the advantages and disadvantages of all MASAF accounts.

o   Introduce the knowledge of Public Relation to MASAF Communication Team.

  • Experiences with MASAF
  1. Committee member of MASAF Finance Team 2017

– Revised MASAF portfolio for sponsorships

– Recommended and edited a GoFundMe account for MASAF public funding program

2.Committee member of MASAF Cultural Bureau 2017

– Sourced inventories for Festival Seni Malaysia 2017

– Hall Decorator and Receptionist for Festival Seni Malaysia 2017

Please note, these are not promises yet only the plans that I will try to work on upon the agreement of other important parties and cooperation from the team. Also, to help you make your decision, here are some of the pros and cons for choosing me.

  • Pros

o   Experienced dealing with business development tasks

o   Determine and objective individual

  • Cons

o   I will be studying in Italy instead of France for four months, therefore there might be some events I am unable to work closely with.

o   Strict and fast working style.

Last but not least, I believe in myself to carry out this heavy responsibility. However, I also need a wise judgment from all of you to vote or not to vote for me. Thank you so much for your attention and time. Have a nice day.




Hello everyone! I am Chin Yi Hien, FP-15 student in France. I am a 1st year civil engineering student in INSA Lyon. I am currently running for MASAF’s 2018/19 election as Director of Corporate Relations Bureau.

I joined MASAF as committee member in E&L Bureau in 2016 and I am currently Deputy Director of E&L Bureau. I organised MASAF Retreat Camp and set up “MASAF Mart” on Facebook with my E&L team. I participated MASAF’s Career Fair 2017 and Industrial Insight 2018 which are beneficial to both students and companies. Hence, I wish to hold the position as Director of Corporate Relations Bureau to assist Malaysian students in France by exposing students’ talents at job market.

These are our bureau’s goals to be achieved:

  1. Improvement of Industrial Insights event

The objectives of Industrial Insights are to allow students to obtain an internship in France and to learn about their career prospect. It was a success during the last Industrial Insights but there are still more improvements to be done. Firstly, participating companies from different fields need to be increased as our students come from different backgrounds. Secondly, we will ensure more internship opportunities for students by inviting French groups who require different positions. In addition, students will be able to know each other of the same field and share experiences among them during the event.

  1. Recognition of French Graduates in Malaysia as excellent employees

New government in Malaysia gives hopes to Malaysians towards a better country in terms of development and economics. To assure the contribution of Malaysian scholarship students after graduating in France, it is important to provide them a job opportunity which corresponds to their talents. Hence, MASAF will collaborate with more Malaysian companies to make known outstanding French educational system. Graduating students’ profiles and CVs will be delivered to recruiting team of these companies.

  1. Help students in their search of internships and jobs

The current internship database needs to be enriched and needs classification by career. An internship done by a previous Malaysian student has a higher succeeding chance for the new applicant. MASAF will update internship and job information on MASAF website and let students make full use of it. The information also allows companies to know the involvement of well-trained Malaysian students in professional field.

To accomplish these missions, I need your vote. Feel free to contact me if you have better suggestions or wish to join my team as a committee member of Corporate Relations Bureau.

Thank you.


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and bonjour,

First and foremost, I am honored to be given this opportunity to run as candidacy of Director of Strategic Development Bureau for MASAF 18/19 term. As a first year student in Bachelor of Arts, Degree in Sciences of Language an Information Specialising in Teaching French as a Foreign Language at Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, I would like to be part of the MASAF family to enable and broaden the horizon of the MASAF community. In addition, I am willing to give my fullest to improve and improvise this movement in order to create a better Malaysian regardless of races and religions. We have witness new Malaysia was born a month ago, hence we do need a new MASAF backbones to enlighten and enhance the movement for a new high quality students and citizen.

As I believe we need continue the excellence achievement of MASAF, my objectives are:

  1. Be the voice of students and considering the new ideas from students and alumnus to ensure each activity held will give an impact to the students. Ensure all voices of will be heard and the concept of liberty, equality and fraternity is applied.
  2. Guarantee the quality and relevance of every activity planned and held by MASAF and ensure the maximum participation reached. Established a relation with other students association in UK, Europe and other Asian countries. For example, organizing an event and collaborate with ARIF France, United Kingdom Eire Council of Malaysian Students (UKEC) or other countries students associations.
  3. Organizing an intercity bench mark program to strengthen the relation between students and informally introducing MASAF especially to the new students as this can be a platform to gain publicity aside from social media. A well-known association can help in encouraging maximum participation in any MASAF events.
  4. Celebrating Malaysian festivals not only focalising in Paris but also in small cities to embrace the culture that we have and promoting our countries in the eye of the French people and to the world.
  5. Improvising the objective of all annual MASAF events and rebranding certain events that are less publicize to gain more public.

Last but not least, these are the manifestos to be achieved if elected as Director of Strategic Development Bureau and it may be sound too ambitious, but nothing is impossible. Give me all your trust and together we reborn a new MASAF.


Peace be upon you and Bonjour,

I am currently running for the Director of Strategic Development position for the 2018/2019 session. It is such an honour and a privilege for me to be part of the Malaysian Student’s Association in France (MASAF) ‘s team. I am looking forward to participating in MASAF’s missions which include the importance of students’ welfare and events.

My missions will focus on two different aspects: The fellow students and the association itself. I know that there are many out there who are still facing some difficulties regarding their career prospects, especially to get into the right field of study. It is very important to have a strategy or a plan in your life because it does concerns your future. For those who know me, I am sure that they realise how passionate I am in food science. My journey to continue my master’s degree in this particular field was not easy, as I started my study in the chemical and process field. I received a few oppositions at that moment but I told myself “It is now or never.” I really hope that as the Director of Strategic Development, and with all my experiences, I would be able to provide concrete guidelines and motivate the students to pursue their dreams. On the other hand, it is essential that students are aware of the potential fields and careers, as for me, to have all the Malaysian students employed as soon as they graduated from France would be my ultimate goal!

Other than Food and Science Technology, I am also dedicated to politics. I guess maybe that is one of the reason why I was nominated for this particular position. I will do all my best to improve the current political strategies of the association or implement new ones, if necessary, in order to achieve our goals. I believe that with the strategic management knowledge that I gained throughout my course of study, I would be able to contribute to the team. I am used to study company cases in the interest of resolving problems regarding their structure, organisation and conception. Therefore, I look forward to collaborating with other bureaus on new platforms and programs made.

Last but not least, I am anticipating great performance by the whole MASAF’s team for the 2018/2019 session. All the best to all the candidates.  

for the 2018/2019 session. All the best to all the candidates.


Salam dan bonjour,

Nama diberi Muhammad Hadi Bin Anuar dari Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieur de Metz. Merupakan pelajar tahun ketiga dalam bidang kejuruteraan mekanikal dan setelah dua tahun menimba pengalaman dan berkhidmat sebagai AJK Biro Sukan MASAF, saya berpendapat bahawa saya sudah bersedia untuk menggalas tanggungjawab sebagai Pengarah Biro Sukan dan Rekreasi bagi sesi 2018/2019. Berikut merupakan manifesto saya :

  1. Menubuhkan kelab untuk sukan-sukan tertentu supaya boleh mewakili France ke acara sukan luar negara (bola sepak, ragbi, netball etc).
  2. Mengekalkan dan menambahbaik acara-acara sukan tahunan seperti Regional Games, e-sports, Winter Games dan Masaf Games.
  3. Mempromosikan gaya hidup sihat dan minda cerdas melalui kempen di media sosial

Akhir kata, kesihatan jasmani merupakan salah satu faktor penyumbang untuk melahirkan insan yang seimbang dan holistik. Oleh yang demikian, besarlah harapan saya sekiranya diberi peluang untuk menjadi Pengarah Biro Sukan MASAF untuk berjaya memupuk semangat cintakan sukan dalam diri setiap pelajar Malaysia di Perancis sekaligus membentuk pasukan yang boleh mewakili pelajar Malaysia di Perancis di peringkat antarabangsa.



  1.  Mengekalkan sukan-sukan tahunan – Regional Games dan Masaf Games dan memperbanyakkan lagi aktiviti-aktiviti yang bersesuaian untuk pelajar
  2. Mewujudkan hubungan aktiviti sukan dengan persatuan pelajar Malaysia negara lain, contoh menjemput pelajar-pelajar dari UK, Jerman, Sepanyol dan negara berdekatan yang lain ke program sukan-sukan Masaf.
  3. Menghantar team Masaf untuk mewakili pelajar-pelajar Malaysia di Perancis ke program-program sukan pelajar Malaysia di negara lain ,contoh UK
  4. Meneruskan dan memperbanyakkan jenis pertandingan-pertandingan e-sports untuk Masaf games untuk pelajar-pelajar yang tidak bermain sukan dapat menyertai Masaf games.

Sekian Terima Kasih


If voted as a communication director, I promise to create an inclusive, interconnected and exciting environment for societies and students to unite, have fun and grow together!
Manifesto summary:

  1. Committing in committees
  2. To maintain and strengthen the student’s voice
  3. To ensure better links and communication between MASAF and students
  4. NO issue too small,I will listen to all of it.



Salam and bonjour.

Saya, Clarice Annabelle, seorang pelajar yang sedang mengikuti pengajian ijazah sarjana muda tahun kedua saya di Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble. Saya berhasrat untuk bertanding sebagai Ketua Biro Komunikasi, salah seorang daripada Ahli Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar untuk MASAF bagi sesi 2018/2019.

Sebagai salah seorang ahli biro komunikasi bagi sesi 2017/2018, ia merupakan satu pengalaman yang saya amat hargai. Pengalaman tersebut telah membantu saya menyedari kepentingan komunikasi bukan sahaja untuk MASAF, tetapi juga dalam hidup seharian kita. Dengan satu perkataan sahaja, ianya mampu menimbulkan kekecohan; dengan satu perkataan sahaja ianya mampu memusnahkan hubungan yang pernah sekali amat erat. Namun begitu juga, dengan satu perkataan sahaja, ianya mampu membawa senyuman kepada seseorang; dengan satu interaksi sahaja, ianya mampu mengubah hidup seseorang. Itulah sebab saya percaya mengapa komunikasi amat penting terutamanya untuk sesebuah persatuan, baik secara dalaman atau luaran. Saya ingin menjadi seseorang yang akan wujud dan berperanan untuk setiap aktiviti MASAF, untuk memastikan setiap pertukaran maklumat disampaikan secara jelas kepada semua pelajar, dan juga setiap jawatankuasa MASAF yang terbabit dengan akitiviti-aktiviti yang dijalankan.

Sebagai seorang manusia biasa, saya tidak mampu untuk menjanjikan kesempurnaan. Saya berharap jika diberi peluang untuk meneruskan perjalanan bersama MASAF melalui jawatan ini, saya akan berusaha sedaya upaya serta memberikan komitmen saya yang tertinggi demi memastikan biro ini sentiasa berfungsi dengan lancar, di samping mengambil tunjuk ajar daripada kesilapan yang lalu atau yang bakal datang untuk tidak mengulanginya lagi.

-English Version-

I am Clarice Annabelle, currently doing my 2nd year of Bachelor’s in International Business in Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble. I am running for the position of Director of Communications Bureau for Malaysian Students’ in France (MASAF)’s 2018/2019 term.

Being a member of the Communications bureau for 2017/2018, it has been a great pleasure to work with the team. I have seen and understood how communication is very well important not just in MASAF, but also in our day to day life. It is a very basic human skill, yet without it we would be just.. empty. With just a simple word used in a sentence it could cause some serious chaos. With just the wrong tone of a sentence it could rip a relationship apart. But it could also be the total opposite.. With just a word, it could make a person’s day. With just a simple conversation, it could change a person’s life, for the better or worse. Which is why I think communication is fairly important, especially for an association, internally and externally. I would like to be the person who will be present throughout MASAF activities, ensuring that all exchange of information be well communicated to students, and also to MASAF committees who are involved with the activities.

As a normal human being, I could not promise perfection. I am still definitely learning in this journey with MASAF, and I would like to continue learning whilst being in the position of Director of Communications Bureau, if given the opportunity. I can, however, promise effort and commitment. I will dedicate myself to ensure the effectiveness of the bureau while learning from mistakes alongside my team members.

Thank you very much.




Ensure the continuity & the effectiveness of the activities and events assigned to the bureau of academics.

Make myself more accountable to other members of MASAF and every students in France by allowing opportunities to question, contribute and exchange on matters that are beneficial for both parties.

Encourage a larger scale of students’ participation in MASAF’s events either directly or indirectly.
Organise more events, activities or online contests targeting all preparatory programs back in Malaysia in order to ignite a spark of early interest for MASAF within them.

Cooperate with the bureau of IT & Multimedia to create videos for all preparatory programs students by giving them insights of university classes and academic life in France.


Fabriziofranco Morris

” Be a leader not to be somebody, but be a leader to make a change “

Graphics doesn’t just improve the visuals, it arranges informations to convey a message in the most impactful way.

With the right picture & feature, BOOM! The message hits its objective.Less is more. Keep it simple.

Simplicity is actually more complex than simple but the focus is clear and there is exactness in expression.

My friend told me a cliché “Do not read beauty magazine, they’ll only make u feel ugly.” We all like to see pretty things, flowers, smile, etc.

Fortunately it is a relative expression. While information tends to be “informative”, they don’t necessarily seems easy to decipher nor to convey.


Running for editorial and multimedia bureau director, I can promise you not many but one thing ; Clarity in information relay.

This year we strive to ease communication and clarify meanings with our designs skills. MASAF works in the best possible ways to keep in touch

with all students and information relay is the bridge. Posters, countdowns, tentative, flyers etc. are the means we share and convey information

We all can receive information quite efficiently but if it doesn’t kindle our interest

, we’re bound to neglige them. Worry not, we’ll make sure we’ll get your attention and interest piqued so as to keep you up to date with our fun activities.

Nevertheless,  we’re gonna published the annual ” La Legende ” magazine as usual. Last but not least, I’d to take this chance to implore you all to vote for

me so that together we’ll create the new frontier of information relay.


“Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either – your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s.”


Fabriziofranco Morris

Running for Editorial and Multimedia Bureau Director