Day: March 19, 2022

Food is Gendered

What if you were told that food is gendered? “Well that would be absurd because food do not have sexual organs! A slice of pizza cannot be male or female!”, you would say. However, gender is not what is biological but it is what is social. Using my experiences in learning how to cook and my dark past with the kitchen, I analyzed my gendered relations to food and argue that food is indeed, gendered.

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My friend who is not Syed Saddiq

“I lost the friendship bracelet my friend bought me.

It was what, RM5? RM10? I don’t even know if that is expensive for rotan bracelets dyed with black paint. I came from a family in obscure Kedah where I had thought such gestures were hedonistic and were a western influence. My family (rather my parents) was pious, strict with religion, and just recently started doing better financially, so the whole Kuala Lumpur teen culture I was put into during highschool left me restless, uneasy even. But that is not what I am writing for. I am writing for the bracelet from a dear friend that I lost, because I was scared that I became hedonistic and indoctrinated by western culture.”

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