So, I’m the newest addition to the MASAF Lagenda team. From now on, I’ll be writing a column about web technology, gadgets and software. My post will be mostly about Google (Google Apps, Android, Chrome), Apple (iOS, Mac OS, and the hardware companion), and Microsoft (Win 7, WP7).

First off, I’ll be talking about bookmarking, for a power user.

Tips 1: Hide the bookmark name for websites you visit most, and keep the ones for interesting pages you stumbled on.

Hide the ones you don’t need, quite obvious isn’t it?

Do you really need to see the “Gmail” text besides the Gmail icon on your bookmark? Instead, why not hide the details of a bookmark to make some space for other bookmarks on the bookmark bar.

To do this on Google Chrome, all you need to do is, right click on the bookmark, and select “Edit…” and clear up the “Name” slot, et voilà.

It’s that simple. 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4

Tips 2: Need to read something on the go? Use Instapaper!

So, what is Instapaper? Instapaper, is a tool, that can help you bookmark and archive interesting web pages using its bookmarklet, or its Chrome extension, and let you access these bookmarks later anywhere you want, be it your iPhone or iPad, your computer, your Android phone, and anywhere else.

The Mobilizer

To use Instapaper, you’ll need to create a free account, and it’ll let you archive as many pages as you want. Instapaper also uses a new kind of technology which was popularized by the iPhone app itself called Mobilizer. The mobilizer is a technology that strips the content out of the web page, and only keep the text, and the images, and format it in a way that was supposed to please our eyes.

Example of a stripped content using Instapaper Mobilizer

Reading in iPhone, made pleasant.

The iPhone app

The Instapaper iPhone app, is an indispensable thing for me. If you commute all the time, the iPhone app is a perfect companion to you. It has many features like:
  • Offline syncing (sync once, and read your articles offline)
  • Customizable fonts, and colors (à chacun son gout)
  • Tilt scrolling (tilt your iPhone to scroll, useful if you read in the class)
  • etc, etc..
It’s a paid app which costs around 4€, but a free version with basic features exists. Try it, who knows you’ll like it.

*There’s another service which is almost similar to Instapaper called, Read It Later which I’m not really familiar with, take a look at it, who knows you’d prefer it than Instapaper.

So that’s it for now, I hope my tips will be of use to you guys (esp bookworms), if you’ve got your own tips and hacks on bookmarking, don’t hesitate to put it in the comment.

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