Buddy Program 4.0

attention everyone !!

Buddy Program 4.0 is back ! We are proud to announce the launch of Buddy Program 4.0, a platform aiming to connect all Malaysian students in France.

 We understand the challenges faced by students and we are committed to provide a solution to their academic-related problems.

However, this time around, we aim to include all Malaysian students in France in our Buddy Program.

You are welcome to register and participate in the event right now by filling in this form.


If you’re searching for an “expert” with whom you can ask about your future courses, future university and work placement, well this is your time to join this program as a mentee. 

For seniors, we’re pretty sure that you’re an expert regarding their curiosity, and that’s why we need you to be their mentor. Yes you !!



  1. Fill up form, tell us about your problem
  2. MASAF look for relevant seniors with similar experience and pass you the contact
  3. Contact mentor personally
  4. If doesn’t help with your problem, contact us at academics@masafrance.org for further assistance


  1. Fill up form, tell us about your academics background and internship experience
  2. MASAF pass your contact to mentee once we receive any request from mentee that matches your experience
  3. Mentee contact you personally