On the 1st of March 2014, MASAF held its first CV and mock interview workshop at the Malaysian embassy in Paris. Twenty-five students from all over France came as early as 7.30am. With the main theme for the event, “se préparer pour les premiers pas dans le monde du travail, or preparing for the first steps in the working sector, the main objective of the program is to prepare students on how to engage companies for internships applications during their studies.

The first session was the CV and motivational/cover letter presented by Ms Christina Lim, the VP of Human Resource from Lafarge. Students were shown techniques to write a convincing motivational letter and an attractive CV especially for internship and fresh graduate applicants. She also explained the differences of CVs and cover letter by comparing students from Asia and Europe that she observed in her professional experience. Apart from that, she gave us the insights on how the human resource department function in choosing candidates for future employment and what do they expect to see in a candidate profile.


The second session was the interview session conducted by Mr Edgar Pushparatnam, QHSE Director from Technip. He was also the CEO of Technip Asia Pacific before coming to Paris about a year ago. During the slot he shared valuable tips and advice for students during an interview. The session was very dynamic with the students’ participation in the STAR (situation, action result) at the end.


By 1.15pm, the morning session ended and lunch was served courtesy of Langkawi Paris. For the entrée we had savoury kuih and sushi rolls, the main dish was a serving of nasi lemak daging rendang and for dessert we had sweet kuih muih.

The program resumed at 2.30pm with the mock interview session. Two individual interviews and one group interview were conducted. At the end of each interview, the audience gave their feedback followed by remarks made by both of the speakers. Valuable lessons and advice were given and students were able to learn how to respond to different questions that permits the interviewers to actually see what they want in each candidate.

The last session was the tedtalklike public speaking that was participated by 5 students. Interesting topics such as body language, multicultural environment, the Iban people, anthropocentric engineering and the subconscious mind were presented in front of the audience.

MASAF’s first CV and mock interview workshop was a success and we hope that this program will be the stepping stone for the years to come. We also hope that there will be more participants in the future as this workshop offers valuable information and advice for students to develop their skills in an interview and increase their chances to secure an internship or a job application. Many thanks to Ms Christina Lim and Mr Edgar for allocating their personal time and sharing their experience with the students. We would also like to thank all the PPL JPA Paris personnel who helped us to organize this event.



For those who would like to download the presentation, feel free to click the links below.

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