Edutalk is an annual academic event dedicated to students who are currently doing their pre-university engineering preparation in France. These students who arrived in France in July 2018, have started the preparation program since their arrival until now before entering a new level of study this September.

This year, for the first time, MASAF and ARIF are collaborating to organize this event with more interesting activities to be conducted throughout the day.

Edutalk aims to bring a deeper exposure to these preparation students on the offer that they could get for pursuing their studies in Institute Université Technologie (IUT) and Ecole d’ingénieurs, as well as the different possibilities of engineering courses that they could choose upon their completion of studies in the preparation year. We will provide the maximum benefices and information to our participants.

Thus, your presence to the event is really appreciated and we are glad to have you as our team to lend a helping hand to our friends. The more we are, the merrier the event.