France Education Exposure Day.

France Education Exposure Day, which we call as FedEx is an annual and the first event of MASAF which aims to bring a deeper exposure to the Malaysian students who are currently undergoing their preparation program in MFI, UniKL, Bangi before stepping into their life in France. This year, the event was held on the 3 rd of August 2019 and was sponsored by MFCCI.

Speech by Farah Academics Bureau

This event was conducted by the Academics and the Sports bureaus of MASAF. Several activities were done throughout the day, and we have divided the session into morning session, evening session and night session. MASAF managed to bring the representatives from French agency during the morning session such as MFCCI and Iraya Energies to deliver their speeches and presentations for the students to have a better understanding of French Educational System, and the career opportunities upon graduating.

Two forums were conducted on two different themes which focus on the study life, career opportunities and internship experience, and living style in France and the panelist were chosen among the alumni and students who are still studying in France. All the panelist assisting the forum were from different backgrounds of study as MASAF aimed to cover all the France preparation programs exist in UniKL MFI. Lunch was also provided to the participants and was sponsored by MFI.

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