Are you ready for Insta Live with MASAF? We will be having 10 live sessions at our instagram (ig: masafrance) and in each live, we will be inviting 1-2 VIP(s) to share their news, stories and talents. Our goal is to provide output for Malaysian students in France regarding their daily life problems related to COVID-19. Not only that, during the live you get your chance to ask away your questions to our VIP(s) during the Q&A session.

Line of speakers

We are proud to present you our invited speakers for the next 4 live sessions:

  1. Franco Morris, Vice President of MASAF
  2. Faiz Ashraf Rosly, President of Kelab Bunga Raya Perancis
  3. Amirul Hakim, President of ARIF
  4. En. Mas Aidiff bin Mas’ut, Penasihat PPL Paris, Perancis

In each live, our speaker will be sharing an idea while answering questions for 30 minutes prepared by MASAF. At the end of every live session, we dedicate 10 minutes for you to ask any questions you want to the invited speaker. What are you waiting for? Grab your chance to ask them any questions you want during the live sessions!

Poster for Insta Live with MASAF