This year, Festival Seni Malaysia wishes to take you back to the good old days as you get to reminisce all those heart warming nostalgic times spent in our homeland. Be prepared to be showered with that one thing that will remind you instantly of where you truly belong: food.

The Malaysian Arts Festival 2020 or better known as Festival Seni Malaysia (FSM) is an annual cultural fiesta organised by MASAF which aims to celebrate with the outside world the diversity and colours of Malaysia. Popularly known for it’s multiracial population, the Malaysian culture is one of a kind unique harmonious mix that brings together the various ethnics there. A real Malaysian knows all the different ways of greeting people especially salam-ing every ‘aunty/uncle’ you see no matter what background you come from

Variety of delicacies​

You will not think twice about your diet when you set your eyes on the array of Malaysian delicacies that will instantly make you drool. Nasi lemak, cendol, kuih muih, aiskrim malaysia and that’s just to name a few. Basically everything a typical Malaysian can think of! For those of you who have bigger visions for showcases or hoping to get a little extra pocket money by opening up your own stall, fret not! We got you all covered with booths/petit gerai that you could rent. Just fill in the form!

Living the art​

Prepare to be dazzled by the performances from our very own talented students. Unleash the inner child in you during our interactive cultural workshops as well as traditional games. And of course, what would a festival be without music? Treat yourself and dance away to famous songs of different eras. Who wouldn’t appreciate those golden classiques from P.Ramlee, Sudirman and Malaysia’s darling Siti Nurhaliza? 

Interested in handling cultural exhibitions and interacting with people?

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your train tickets and come join us in Toulouse for this special day! The nasi lemak, kuey teow and curry await you !