Wishing for a miracle in your Christmas stockings this year? Remember when you were a child and you wanted to stay up during Christmas Eve to meet Santa only to fall asleep on the couch in your living room and waking up to loads of presents underneath the Christmas tree? And as you grew older, you realized that Santa was not an actual person, it was, in fact, this ‘term’ that people used to address those who gave gifts to kids. Wait no more as YOU can be SANTA and watch your childhood dreams come true! With that being said, let’s share the giving spirit this Christmas and spread Christmas joy by joining MASAF’S SECRET SANTA 2019! Just fill in the form down below!

Identity Revelation

If you wish to have your identity revealed, consider adding a message card/letter along with your name written on it. For those who will buy their gifts online, for some platforms, it is possible to add a personalized message while checking out the item (example : Amazon) Bear in mind that it is NOT COMPULSORY for your secret santa to reveal their identity to you. As organizers, it is also not possible for us to reveal it in their stead. Wish to reveal your secret identity to your nice kid but in a fun way?

Rules and regulations

  • Open to all Malaysian students in France
  • Registration will only be through the Google form provided (Open until December 11th 2019)
  • Details on your nice kid will be given via email
  • The choice of gift and the postage is under each participant’s responsibility (The organizers will only ‘mix & match’ the gift giver and the receiver)
  • All gifts must be sent out at least a week before Christmas (December 25th)
  • In the case where you still have not received your parcel by December 31st, contact us via email at culture.masafrance@gmail.com
  • Suggested price range for the presents : 10-15€
  • Suggested website : Amazon

Spread joy and love, and join the event!​