On the 28th of September 2019, the Annual General Meeting 2019 was held at the Embassy of Malaysia, Paris. The event focused on introducing the newly elected MASAF High Committees as well as presenting their new ideas. During the event, attendees shared ideas, thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the overall functionality of MASAF as an association.

The event was honored by a line of VIPs including H.E. Dato’ Dr. Azfar Mohamad Mustafar (Ambassador of Malaysia in France), Mr. Libra Haniff (Director of Tourism Malaysia Paris), Mr. Michel Lozac’h (Managing Director of MFCCI) and Mr. Mas Aidiff Mas’ut (Counsellor of student affairs in Embassy Malaysia) . The event continued with the presence of Ms Pauline Goh, InvestKL’s director of alliances and Mr. Pravinganesha Rajoo, the director of Malaysian Investment Development Authority. All the members of MASAF were listening attentively to the speeches given by the MASAF HiCom.

The event was ended with a small session of #MASAFListens, a Q&A session that was made possible with sli.do. It was made public on Instagram live streaming as well to further increase the number of incoming questions. Questions were answered professionally by the concerned person-in-charge.

As a conclusion, all the attendees have acknowledged the newly elected HiCom as well as their future plans. Every HiCom communicated with each other to discuss the details of the upcoming events under MASAF. Despite the low number of participants, the event was a success as everything ran smoothly; the event started at 2 pm and ended at 5.45 pm, just as planned.

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