What is AWETEM?

AWETEM, a project which stands for ‘Ana Wa Enta, Toi et Moi’ was established in 2018. AWETEM brings the idea of contributing to the society and helping our friends in Morocco since its establishment. This project is a collaboration between MASAF and PMMM (Persatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia Maghribi), where volunteers from MASAF teach French Language to PMMM students, while they teach Arabic language in return for exchange.

Why join us?

This language exchange project has provided major help to students in Morocco to polish their French language skills. While improving your own French skills, be it speaking or writing, you can also broaden your network by meeting new friends from Morocco! In addition, if you wanna explore a new language, feel free to register as student so that you can get free Arabic lessons from our Malaysian friends in Morocco.


Help us to study the feasibility of AWETEM 3.0 by completing the survey or register as volunteers (teacher) now!

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