France Education Exposure 2020

Speech by Farah Academics Bureau

FedX is an annual event held by the Academics and Sports Bureau of MASAF in the objective of giving a deeper exposure on the student life in France to our students who are currently doing a preparation program in UniKMalaysia-France Institute Bangi. This year, we’ll be organizing it on the 22nd of August in UniKMalaysia-France Institute Bangi.

Our event consists of forum, a sharing session and also a sports session at the end of the day. The forum session will be joined by panelists consisting of students from both engineering and social sciences fields. This is essential as to ensure that the input given is beneficial for all students and to cover every different course available.

Forum and sharing session

We have invited senior students from France to join us for the event so that they can share their personal experience and tips on their student life, internship and career opportunities. The sharing session would also benefit our students as they will get clear responses and correct clarification on questions or matters that they are curious about. This session would also be a starting point for the juniors to socialize and bond with their seniors as well as their batch mates.


Sports competition

Different types of sports are proposed to the attendees such as bowling, futsal and volleyball.
Winners of the games will be rewarded with fun prizes, medals and hampers. Find out more on our FEdX sport’s website.



Join us for the event!

Interested to share your experiences with the juniors? Or want to bond with them over sports?
Well, then you’re invited to come and join us for FedX 2020.

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