What is ROS?

ROS Logo

The Department of Registration of Societies Malaysia (ROS) is a Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs that operates Non-Governmental Organizations and political parties. ROS is commonly known as the Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia (JPPM) in Malay terms.

Why do we want to be apart of ROS?

We are officially registered under JPPM since January 2020 and there are a few main reasons why MASAF wants to be apart of this organization :


MASAF wants to be recognized in our homeland because we are directly and indirectly contributing to the development of Malaysian youths who are living in France.


We organize annual events in Malaysia such as French Education Exposure (FedX) and Edutalk PF to aspire students to have a better understanding of the french system; education, administration, etc.


We are connecting with our primary stakeholders in Malaysia such as MFCCI, InvestKL, and MIDA. We are also a partner of the Malaysian Students’ Global Alliance (MSGA).

The benefits of ROS

MASAF is now a legal organization that operates within the Malaysian law

JPPM will ensure the growth and the development of MASAF as an organization that fully operates in Malaysia and France

MASAF can carry out economic activities such as selling, buying, investing, renting, owning property as well as other economic activities legally