Are you guys ready? As Merdeka is around the corner, we are glad to inform you that MASAF will organise an interesting event which is called Merdekarts. With the theme of Merdeka: We are the Legacy, we would like to encourage all Malaysian students around the world to take part in this big event as a way to express our gratitude towards the elderlies who had fought for our independence. The month of August has arrived, a meaningful month that had created the nation, a joyful month which highlights the victory of the front liners who had fought fearlessly for the country and a festive month awaited by Malaysians to celebrate their everlasting freedom from the colonizers.


Why "Merdeka: We are the Legacy"?

We chose this theme as a reminder for the youth to acknowledge the peace and freedom that we have today as the legacy of those who have sacrificed their life to gain this liberty back then. Thus, we have to cherish our country with all of our heart as we are also going to be a legacy to the future generations.

Merdekart Poster 1

Why Merdekarts?

In conjunction with the month of Merdeka, MASAF is organizing a competition, where the use of arts will be used to show appreciation towards the nation’s independence. If you think you have some hidden talents to show, don’t hesitate to take part in the contest as you will have the chance to portray your amazing skills while expressing your patriotism towards Malaysia. For the competition this year, we would like to give full freedom to the participants by allowing any form of submissions such as TikTok videos, poems, paintings, dances, etc.

We would love to see the expression of your love towards our beloved country through arts as it shows your passion and creativity. Thus, sharpen your pencil, prepare your camera and get ready your brushes and paints! Poems, dances, videos or paintings, it doesn’t matter! Choose your way and surprise us!

Why wait?

Wherever you are, either in France, Germany, Japan, or in any part of the world, this is your chance to express your LOVE and CARE for the country in a way that would impact not only yourself, but also the people who will evaluate your artworks. Therefore, register now to take part in the competition to make your MERDEKA celebration more memorable. If you are interested, don’t forget to read the RULES AND REGULATIONS before registering.

Get yourself ready and unleash your skills as we are also excited to be amazed by your mind-blowing artworks and your marvellous talents, and stand a chance to win a 40 euros Amazon gift card! Looking forward to having your participation!

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