With the closing of the submission period, our young artists have done their part in coming up with and handing in their masterpieces. Now, it is time for YOU to play the most important role; determining the winner via votes! Please find all the submissions down below

To do so, simply head to the voting form down below and simply choose the one which has managed to capture your heart in portraying their love for Malaysia and its frontliners. For your information, the Merdekarts winner is chosen solely from your votes so every single vote matters! It would mean so much for our artists for their artwork to be seen and recognized by you, friends and loved ones, and to actually win would undeniably make their day. Selamat mengundi and may the best artwork win!

Artwork 1 : Thread

By zsmb

Using only three sheets of bristol paper, and a single line, the author creates a timeline of what to be considered some of Malaysia’s biggest feats. The single line art captures the essence of unity: if unravel, it is ultimately one single line, and it represents the heart and soul of a Malaysian. Wherever we are – 8,848 metres above sea level, at 50088 Kuala Lumpur, or even circling in low Earth orbit – we were crafted by the same thread. The line must continue, the legacy must go on, Malaysia isn’t dead, it’s alive and blooming. Who’s next?

artwork 2 by Patricia Wong

Artwork 2 :
Untitled by Patricia Wong

Malaysia is a splendid and unique country because Malaysians are made up of a diverse composition of race and culture. We shouldn’t forget the sacrifices and services of those who have left behind a peaceful and prosperous Malaysia for the benefit of the present and future generations!

Artwork 3 :
Untitled by Alief Omar

Malaysia. A country like no other. Its diverse culture ties everyone of us with our Rukun Negara represented by the National Flower, Bunga Raya

Artwork 4 : Langgas

By yusuf

Berlabuh usang tubuh di katil ku tinggal
Nyaman rasa bayu bertiup menyusup rambut ikal
Kecapi nikmat ini wujud dek korban nenek moyang nan dipenggal
Air mata basahi jiwa kenang jasa mereka ramai sudah lupa ditinggal

Demi tanah nian cinta disabung gadai nya atma
Peluh tangis darah rempang rempong anta permana
Pahlawan berpantang walang sepenuh kudrat dikerahnya
Hasil juang mereka tanah kita bersinar tewas bulan purnama

Anak dinihari tercandu nikmat bebas berpeluknya tubuh
Hanya dengan jemari harga diri sudah pun dibunuh
Rasa bakti orang dahulu hak miliknya sepenuh

Zaman kini tiap jalan sudah pun berturap terang bersuluh
Pedati nadinya motor memecah sunyi bak guruh
Menara besi dek panas tak lapuk dek hujan tak lekang berdiri tegak utuh
Lantaran segala jarahan geruh sudah pun jatuh dirempuh
Oleh nenek moyang berwajah petani peladang peniaga buruh
Jiwa langgas tak mungkin disentuh rapuh

Sejak lima puluh tujuh
Jejak kita suluh utuh

Artwork 5 :
Pelajar Tajaan Negara by Brendylea

Studying overseas does have its benefits but not everything is as great and simple as it seems! Malaysian students crave Malaysian food, their family and overall, the ambiance of Malaysia! This pantun illustrates the struggles and responsibility of a student studying in France (in a comical way)

Artwork 6 :
Untitled by Intan

“Kita jaga kita baru boleh jaga Malaysia” means we take care of each other, consequently we can take care of Malaysia. During this pandemic, we have to be concerned that out healths are as important as our freedom, hence we must protect both of it diligently.

Artwork 7 : Let's be the next NEGARAWAN!

By Tavanesh

Generations have passed since our independence. As the youth of Malaysia, our turn is coming up next to contribute for our nation. Let’s work hard not only to maintain our merdeka, but also to reconstruct the direction our country is heading. Let’s be the next NEGARAWAN!

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