Ever had a hard time sleeping after long hours at work in front of your computer at night, and wonder why? That’s because your monitor is always set to the daylight white balance preset (meaning, bluish to oppose the yellowish ray of the sun).

But what happens whey you use your computer at night? There’s no more sun, but your monitor still emits lots of blue light emission, when it should adapts on your room lighting to achieve the best result.

Enter F.lux, a software, that’s designed to adapt your monitor color temperature in function of your room lighting and daytime.

F.lux for Windows, even indicates your time of the day

F.lux has three settings:
  • Your location: To deduce the sunset and sunrise, to determine when to activate itself
  • Your room’s lighting: To calculate the amount of blue light need to be reduced
  • Your preferred transition time: The text explains itself

F.lux for Mac

I couldn’t get a screenshot that represents the change, but I think it’ll be better if you try it and see it with your own eyes. I’d guarantee, you’ll never want to throw away this program.
You can get F.lux, free from Stereopsis: http://www.stereopsis.com/flux/

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