France COVID19 Updates

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Given the decrease of COVID19 cases in France, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron announced on 25th November 2020 that there would be changes to the lockdown regulations that were previously implemented. For your reference and convenience, MASAF’s team has assemble all necessary information for you to refer to!

15 December 2020

  •  End of lockdown (as implemented on the 30th December 2020)
  • New curfew hours from 20h00 till 06h00 will be enforced EXCEPT on Christmas Eve (24th December 2020)

20 January 2021

Under the condition that ALL sanitary objectives are achieved….

  • Reopening of bars and restaurants 
  • Reopening of high schools (physical classes)
  • 15 days after, reopening of universities (physical classes)


Extra information...

Don’t forget to download the ‘#TousAntiCovid’ application on your mobile phones. 

With the application, you are able to: 

1. Obtain daily updates on number of positive COVID-19 cases in France.

2. Allows users who are tested positive for COVID-19 to immediately warm other people that they might have infected during their period of contagiousness.

3. Check for COVID-19 testing locations (in the situation whereby you want to be tested). 

4. Tested individuals can obtain their COVID-19 swab test from the application (via a code). 

5. Obtain latest news regarding COVID-19 in France. 

6. Generate exemption certificate (attestation de déplacement) during curfew hours (20h00 till 06h00).