by: Anati Asyran.

There are two types of programmes organised by JPA for engineering students studying in France. The first one will commence their A-Level Programme at MFI, UniKL Bangi and follow the same programme as the MARA students. In the other hand, the second programme will require students to finish their 1 month language intensive learning at INTEC, Shah Alam before coming to France in the month of June. Then, in France, they will go through another 3 months of intensive French language course before proceeding to the Preparation Program for one year at The Institute of Technology or more likely known as IUT in Tours or Blois. This Preparation Program is specially planned and organised by the cooperation between SFERE and JPA for the Malaysians students, where students will learn basic science core subjects such as Chemistry, Biology and Physics in French! There are also additional common engineering subjects, such as Mechanics, Programming and Electrics.

After the Preparation Program, students are allowed to integrate in the French education system just like other French people. They can either enter a public school of engineering (“Grande Ecole”) or enter another institute of technology (“Institut Universitaire de la Technologie-IUT”). After another two years, they would continue to stay in a grande école to finish the masters programme. The diagram shown below gives a clearer idea of the education system in France. As for this program, the final aim is to obtain a master in 5 years minimum in any field of engineering that we are interested in.


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