by: Masruddin Rahmat

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Yayasan TELEKOM Malaysia (YTM) sponsored their students to further their studies in France for the first time in 1994. They continued the sponsorship in 1995 but then decided to stop it for several years after sending the group for the year. The first two batches of YTM’s sponsored students have shown an excellence performance in their studies, with some of them graduated from Supélec (Electrical School of Engineering) and most of them listed as top students in their respective écoles (Schools of Engineering).

In 2004, YTM continued to send students, but this time they collaborated with the PETRONAS Sponsorship Unit who sent their very first sponsored students in France, combined together in a program called as “PEKOM”. Starting from the batch “PEKOM 1” in 2004, they went through their preparation classes in Colmar for a year. After some years, PETRONAS have decided to stop this programme.

After that, Telekom Malaysia has decided to integrate their preparing students with the same program as JPA students. They have to pass this preparatory program which lasted for 3 months at INTEC Education College before flying off to their respective destination in France. During the initial year of studies in France, students are expected to master language courses in a year. Therefore, students can practice their language skills and can easily adapt to the new surrounding.

Most of YTM’s students choose Electrical engineering or Network and Telecommnunication as their field of studies, while a few others are furthering in Business and Management. Below are the field of studies and the requirements that applicants must meet to apply for FUTURE LEADERS SCHOLARSHIP by YTM in 2018.

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