Ever feels like your computer starts up slower and slower each time you install a software? That’s normal since some program like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, will start to eat up your computer’s processor’s resources and RAM at login. These are called startup programs, which means programs that will start itself at every login. They consists of many different types of programs like: messengers, drivers, bloatwares (preloaded software from your manufacturers, all those Dell, Vaio, HP stuffs), trojans, viruses, and even worms, which you don’t even need to run.
Your startup programs will normally sits at the Windows notification area

I want to run these programs manually rather than let it starts by itself, so how can I do that?
The process is simple:
    1. Click (Win + R) to launch the “Run” menu.
    2. Type in “msconfig”
    3. Click on “OK”


  • You will see a new window launched, named “System Configuration”, click on the services tab.
  • Check “Hide all Microsoft services” at the bottom for safety reason. Warning: Make sure you didn’t uncheck any of those Microsoft services, as you’re system will have a hard time starting up if you did.
  • Uncheck everything you think you don’t need. Warning: Proceed with cautions, unless you’re sure with yourself, don’t hide any services that you’ve never heard of, some might be important. Try not to hide stuffs from your computer’s manufacturers (Dell, HP, Sony, etc), and important drivers (IDC, Synapse) unless if you’re really really really sure.
  • Click on “Startup” tab.
  • Again uncheck everything you don’t need. Warning: The same warning as before applies here. But here, you can check the command area, and you’ll be surprised on how many viruses, and worms sits on you computer. Be careful on disabling it, as sometimes it can break your computer. But if you feel really adventurous, you can even try to delete the files at stated locations.
  • Click “OK”
  • You will be prompted to “Restart” the computer or “Exit without restart”. Choose whatever pleases you.
  • Et voilà. In case your computer don’t want to enter Windows at your next startup, tell me, and I’ll teach you how to overcome that problem


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