Details on the event


Date                                        : 31st of October 2013.

Time                                        : 1000 – 1630

Veue                                        : Malaysian Embassy in France

                                                  2 Bis Rue Benouville

                                                  75016 Paris


The Leadership Seminar is the brainchild of The Malaysian Ambassador to France, His Excellency Tan Sri Ismail Omar, and was organised by the Malaysian Embassy Staffs on the 31st of October 2013. The event was attended by the Malaysian Ambassador himself, the staffs from the education department of the embassy, MASAF Executives members and also ARIF representatives.

The morning session started at 10.00 am, France time with an introduction speech by the Student Affairs Counsellor, Mr. Shahir Shaari. He talked about the purposes of the seminar and also how it can strengthen the Malaysian students’ association in France, and indirectly empowering the students itself.

It event continued with another speech by the First Secretary of the Malaysian Embassy in France, Miss Julana Razid. Her talks consist of 2 parts, first, the importance of keeping tracks of the respective association’s members and also; how it can help JPA in improving their services to improve the students’ learning experience here in France.

The President of Malaysian Students’ Association in France, Mr. Cyril Janting gave his speech shortly after that. During the speech, he shared his vision and mission of the association.  Apart from that, the effort of the MASAF’s predecessors, and also how they have prepared a strong platform for the Malaysian students to unite and work together under the same flag were touched during his speech. In his final part, he talked on MASAF’s effort in building the human capital, preparing the students of what’s coming ahead and how MASAF can reach a higher, more international level in being a mature and well equipped entity in the future.

The seminar was then passed to the ARIF’s President, Mr. Zulkhairi Roslan. He shared with the participants, the annual events conducted by ARIF and the community oriented activities in empowering the Malaysian students.

After the morning session, the participants had a two hours break for lunch and also for the Zohor’ prayer. The Malaysian Embassy had prepared the participant, various traditional Malaysian cuisines. During the lunch session, the participants had the chance to share opinions and ideas with the embassy staffs and the Malaysian Ambassador himself.

Shortly after the brake, the participants were gathered in a small hall for the afternoon session. The participants were then ordered to form two groups, consisting of MASAF and ARIF members.  Both groups were given a time frame to discuss the questions that were prepared for them. The questions were mainly on the definition of leadership in term of student’s association, and how student leaders could tap the potentials out from its followers. Subsequent to the discussion, a person from each team was called to the front, to present their conclusions. Both presenters, Mr. Shahreza Shahrir and Mr. Sivaraj Rajagobal Reddy used the time given well, in presenting their ideas and also to reply answers from the other participants.

The seminar continued with its final session, presented by Mr. Shahir Shaari on the importance of financial and accounting activities in an organisation. During that session, he emphasised on how and why an association has to keep track of its financial activities. He also shared the differences of assets that could be built by an association, and also the liability in terms of physical and financial terms. Before the seminar was officially closed, he distributed his essay that he wrote during his university years on leadership for the participants. It was to help them to have further understanding on their responsibility and what they can do to be a better and effective leader.

As a conclusion, the Leadership seminar organised by the Malaysian Embassy is an effective program that should be organised yearly. This is a perfect platform for the associations’ members to meet face to face and have a proper discussions and sharing with the Malaysian Ambassador.

Prepared by Shahreza Shahrir


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