Hi everyone!

Thank you for your participation in our recent survey on MASAF’s Merchandise. We are taking all your suggestions and are currently making a list of possible charities we can donate to. Possible items to be sold include hoodies, t-shirts and mugs. For the time being, let us start designing the logo for the items! You can participate in this important phase by submitting your design which represents MASAF and our community in France. Send your design(s) in png/jpg format to: execdirector.masafrance@gmail.com before 22nd of January 2019. The theme is elegant and minimalist with the option of integrating the malayan tiger or the rooster into your design.

Psst.. Did I mention that you have the chance of winning MASAF’s first ever hoodie if your design make it on our items?

Serious footnote: participants that plagiarise logos/schemes/pictures into their design(s) will be disqualified immediately. Let’s be responsible users that respect digital rights.

Good luck! 🙂