When one uses the phrase, Rome was not built in a day, it does not mean they built the grand empire through only their sheer sweat and effort, but also from their trust and ability to help each other. These two factors are just the few forms of communication that our fellow ancestors have mastered in order to shape the society. History itself has proven that humans need to interact or communicate with other for a greater future that lies ahead. Take our national heroes as an example. Our Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman loved our country and it’s people so much and in order to release us from the sufferings, he bravely went to negotiate with our previous colonisers; becoming the stepping stone to our independence until the day when the Union Jack was no longer a fear to us fellow Malaysians. The battle cries of our national soldiers, i.e Sarjan Hassan, Tok Gajah, Kanang anak Langkau, Mat Salleh, ignited the spirit of nationality within our freedom fighters; with the hope to free us from the outsider’s harbinger. Nationalisme and communication share a common ground; to unite the people for a greater good.

Communication is undeniably, an important medium for our society to evolve from time to time.

With that in mind, I see this as a chance to take up this Communication Bureau and to step up the game of MASAF’s communication field. Aspired to become an active agent between MASAF and all of the student’s in need around the world, I would like to lead this bureau into a more global scale, while staying down to Earth with the vision to help our country. This year, with your help, this bureau will not just be a bureau who is in charge of Facebook or Instagram, but a bureau who will interact more with our fellow Malaysians back home, thus returning the favour to them.

This bureau will become the hands and mouths of MASAF and all Malaysian students in France, for reaching out to our fellow future generations back home, encouraging them to believe in themselves and appreciate the society even more. This is one of the grand visions of the communication bureau that I believe, is shared with many and agreed by all.

With this, MASAF will become great, not just at the eyes of the world, but at the eyes of our fellow Malaysians.

Thank you for sharing this vision with me.

Brian McSalako Nickson Girima,

MASAF Communication Bureau Director Candidate

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