What makes MASAF a successful Malaysian society in France? Two key factors; one, their students, and two, their support.

 Just throw along a bit of vision and commitment, our MASAF society is now as it is : a splendid, active, caring, and, motivated students’ association in France. It is not an easy feat to partake into this association if none of these key items are present among us. Even if we are generally dispersed all around France, we somehow made the distance looks so short, thanks to everyone who are willing to participate and cooperate with each other.

 As I love enjoy the spirit of togetherness between us Malaysians, I am willing to join MASAF this year, not as a bureau director again (for that, I leave it to my successor as I have my utmost trust on her), but as an Executive Director, who is willing to aid and support the MASAF committee to be as grandiose, peaceful and jovial as it is right now, or maybe better. Having been involved with MASAF for 2 terms already, I can see that the organization us evolving from time to time, expanding it’s vision, ideas and ideals; for the sake of our well-being in France. My heart and spirit are always up for this ideals as the committee really helped my a lot to discover new things and better, help me evolve into a better man I am now.

 If you think that MASAF have done a lot and maybe better for you, I will be happy to partake another journey with it, and open up your eyes and chances to self-discovery and meetings with Malaysians all around of France.

Thank you for sharing this vision with me.

Brian McSalako Nickson Girima,
MASAF Executive Director 2018/2019 Candidate