Hello everyone! I am Chin Yi Hien, FP-15 student in France. I am a 1st
year civil engineering student in INSA Lyon. I am currently running for
MASAF’s 2018/19 election as Director of Corporate Relations Bureau.
I joined MASAF as committee member in E&L Bureau in 2016 and I am
currently Deputy Director of E&L Bureau. I organised MASAF Retreat
Camp and set up “MASAF Mart” on Facebook with my E&L team. I
participated MASAF’s Career Fair 2017 and Industrial Insight 2018
which are beneficial to both students and companies. Hence, I wish to
hold the position as Director of Corporate Relations Bureau to assist
Malaysian students in France by exposing students’ talents at job
These are our bureau’s goals to be achieved:

1. Improvement of Industrial Insights event
The objectives of Industrial Insights are to allow students to obtain
an internship in France and to learn about their career prospect. It
was a success during the last Industrial Insights but there are still
more improvements to be done. Firstly, participating companies
from different fields need to be increased as our students come
from different backgrounds. Secondly, we will ensure more
internship opportunities for students by inviting French groups
who require different positions. In addition, students will be able to
know each other of the same field and share experiences among
them during the event.

2. Recognition of French Graduates in Malaysia as excellent
New government in Malaysia gives hopes to Malaysians towards
a better country in terms of development and economics. To
assure the contribution of Malaysian scholarship students after
graduating in France, it is important to provide them a job
opportunity which corresponds to their talents. Hence, MASAF will
collaborate with more Malaysian companies to make known
outstanding French educational system. Graduating students’
profiles and CVs will be delivered to recruiting team of these

3. Help students in their search of internships and jobs. The current internship database needs to be enriched and needs
classification by career. An internship done by a previous
Malaysian student has a higher succeeding chance for the new
applicant. MASAF will update internship and job information on
MASAF website and let students make full use of it. The
information also allows companies to know the involvement of
well-trained Malaysian students in professional field.

To accomplish these missions, I need your vote. Feel free to contact me
if you have better suggestions or wish to join my team as a committee
member of Corporate Relations Bureau.
Thank you.