I am Dalilah Ashikin Azhar, studying International Business at Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble. I am running for the position of MASAF Executive Director 2018.

Underlying motivation for the post

I believe everyone should use the full potential that God has given them to contribute back to the society, and therefore I should do the same.


There are several things involving Finance, Media (Communication) and Organisational Culture of MASAF that I wish to improve with the help of other credible committees. Some of my plans are as follows;

  •         MASAF Finance

o   Ensure and revise finance sources that are beneficial for students for a long-term partnership

o   Introduce indicators to measure the effectiveness of events in helping sponsors for sustainable finance sources

o   Filter the objectives of each event and remained only those that are beneficial and reasonable for students

o   Introduce a physical “Tabung for MASAF” to other Malaysia organizations in France that want to help; such as in Malaysian Restaurants, shops, and other associations.

o   Revise MASAF shipping program to encourage MASAF market between Malaysia & France

o   Introduce MASAF database that keeps records of transaction details to avoid future redundancy in managing events.

  •     Organisational Culture

o   Introduce MASAF executives and directors to appraisal methods to improve leadership quality.

o   Strengthen the culture of appreciation, giving recognition and other forms of intrinsic motivation among students.

o   Encourage transparent feedbacks and solutions between student and committee members with the limitation of no usage of barbaric languages.

o   Learn and understand the culture of everyone to strengthen the culture of respect

o   Train leaders and directors about time management, organizational skills, and objectivity to be more efficient.

o   Introduce MASAF mentor-mentee program to encourage exchange in knowledge, skill and to ease the next election process.

  •       Media

o   Ensure MASAF page and all MASAF accounts will be updated from time to time with MASAF events, beneficial information and inspirational news.

o   Measuring the advantages and disadvantages of all MASAF accounts.

o   Introduce the knowledge of Public Relation to MASAF Communication Team.

  •         Experiences with MASAF
  1. Committee member of MASAF Finance Team 2017


– Revised MASAF portfolio for sponsorships

– Recommended and edited a GoFundMe account for MASAF public funding program

2.Committee member of MASAF Cultural Bureau 2017


– Sourced inventories for Festival Seni Malaysia 2017

– Hall Decorator and Receptionist for Festival Seni Malaysia 2017

Please note, these are not promises yet only the plans that I will try to work on upon the agreement of other important parties and cooperation from the team. Also, to help you make your decision, here are some of the pros and cons for choosing me.

  •         Pros

o   Experienced dealing with business development tasks

o   Determine and objective individual

  •         Cons

o   I will be studying in Italy instead of France for four months, therefore there might be some events I am unable to work closely with.

o   Strict and fast working style.

Last but not least, I believe in myself to carry out this heavy responsibility. However, I also need a wise judgment from all of you to vote or not to vote for me. Thank you so much for your attention and time. Have a nice day.