” Be a leader not to be somebody, but be a leader to make a change “

Graphics doesn’t just improve the visuals, it arranges informations to convey a message in the most impactful way. With the right picture & feature, BOOM! The message hits its objective.Less is more. Keep it simple.

Simplicity is actually more complex than simple but the focus is clear and there is exactness in expression.

My friend told me a cliché “Do not read beauty magazine, they’ll only make u feel ugly.” We all like to see pretty things, flowers, smile, etc.

Fortunately it is a relative expression. While information tends to be “informative”, they don’t necessarily seems easy to decipher nor to convey.

Running for editorial and multimedia bureau director, I can promise you not many but one thing ; Clarity in information relay.

This year we strive to ease communication and clarify meanings with our designs skills. MASAF works in the best possible ways to keep in touch

with all students and information relay is the bridge. Posters, countdowns, tentative, flyers etc. are the means we share and convey information

We all can receive information quite efficiently but if it doesn’t kindle our interest, we’re bound to neglige them. Worry not, we’ll make sure we’ll get your attention and interest piqued so as to keep you up to date with our fun activities.

Nevertheless,  we’re gonna published the annual ” La Legende ” magazine as usual. Last but not least, I’d to take this chance to implore you all to vote for me so that together we’ll create the new frontier of information relay.

“Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either – your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s.”

Fabriziofranco Morris

Running for Editorial and Multimedia Bureau Director