Dear friends,

I am Hidayatul Fitriah, a first year International Business student in Grenoble École de Management, would like to set out my vision and what I believe to the Board running as your Executive Director for MASAF’s General Election for the year 2017/2018.

When talking about MASAF, we are talking about more than just a student organization, in fact, it is about getting to know yourself, your goals and your strengths. I have always been passionate about challenging myself to get involved beyond my academic scope and I feel that all of you should be provided with every opportunity to explore your interests as well.

Through my experience as the member of Corporate Relation Bureau for the terms 2016/2017 and getting involved with the activities that MASAF organized, I found myself getting to know people and forming bonds that would have been unlikely without my shared interest. That being said, if elected, I will continue to promote the benefits of MASAF’s initiatives and hope to contribute to ensure that everyone will get the opportunity to lead a balanced lifestyle for success and self-fulfillment.

I am passionate about MASAF’s work and seek your support so that I can make a more significant contribution.

My primary commitments: 

• Encourage and manage more collaboration between MASAF members by establishing knowledge-sharing partnerships, which may include joint research initiatives.

• Act as a professional advisor to the Board on all aspects of MASAF’s activities in making sure the efficiency and the effectiveness of day-to- day operation of the organization.

• Develop and empower young Malaysian leaders in France so that they have a voice at Board level and have the opportunity to contribute to MASAF’s work.

• Listen to the needs of MASAF members and represent these at Board level.

 So do you have a vision?

Then make the right decision and Vote!


Yours truly,

Hidayatul Fitriah