Through my tenure as the director of Corporate Relations, I’ve been able to establish MASAF corporate network. We had initiated communication with multiple companies, be-it SMEs or MNCs. All these companies are seen as companies with high development  potential in Malaysia and has shown strong interest in our students.

Our network gets bigger as the day goes by and at this moment it’s still in its infancy.  As such it’s my objective to envision a long term planning, as such that to ensure a continuous progression.

Here’re my objective for this coming tenure:

  1. To improve MASAF-InvestKL and MASAF-MIDA employment and internship programme- Better transparency, and efficiency.
  2. To envision a long term plan for MASAF Corporate Relations.
  3. To guide the Bureau of Corporate Relations in their activities and development.
  4. Try to protect the rights and benefits of our students on the corporate level.