About me :

• Mohammad Naim Bin Mokhtar Kamal

• Pré France 11

• First year of diplôme d’ingénieur in Energy

• Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard, UTBM

Mission and Goals :

1. Budgeting and Planning

– Create sensible budgeting forecast statements and amend them from time to time.

– Ensure healthy cash flow within the organization.

– Compare historical financial records to determine current and future performance of treasury office.

2. Reimbursements

– Ensures that reimbursements and expenditures are being paid back as soon as possible after the event date.

– Late reimbursements are subjected to the discretion of treasury office to process rationally.

3. Work Tradition

– Maintain work foundation and operating process set by the previous treasurer.

– Ensure workloads are distributed evenly to provide space for learning and self-development.

– Welcome new ideas and critiques with an open mind.

4. External Ties

– Maintain current sponsors and strengthening bonds between companies

– Collaboration with Hicom to seek potential companies to provide financial support via networking sessions.

Final words :

I strongly believe that Masaf France is heading in the right direction but still have an immense potential to do even greater things. I am commited to play my part to make this into reality. Plus, I’ll be doing my internship next semester which perhaps will give me more time to commit in doing this job. I am not good at words nor mathematics but I don’t think a treasurer needs to master Fourier Transformation or even Differential Equations to do the book-keeping. So vote for me and let me show you what I can. Win or lose it doesn’t matter as long as we keep supporting each other and strive even further.

Count On Me To Count For You !