Assalamualaikum et Bonjour,

For the MASAFs 2017/2018 term, MASAF shall face new challenges that the past has yet to seen. I, Muhammad ‘Ammar bin Ridzuan, currently studying mechanical engineering at IUT Aix-en- Provence, shall run for the Executive Director of MASAF. I aspire to bring MASAF to a new realm, one aside with the whole Malaysian Student Community in France.

As Executive Director, I can promise, with all that I have, my direct engagement to the social, intellectual and physical demands that MASAF offers. Students participation in MASAF is of the upmost importance, and has been a problem for a while, and one that I shall work on. The students are what makes MASAF, MASAF.

Idea are limited, but working collectively, compiling ideas results in something big. With a hands on approach, I shall try to make your ideas, your imaginations for our local community a reality. With my two hands, but with more than 700 brilliant schemes from you, the results shall be incredible.

Your immersion defines what tomorrow holds, and as Executive Director, I shall do all that I can to make it a reality. Together, we’ll see thrilling, heartwarming and adventurous times together here in France and Malaysia.

Vote and uproar your voices!