Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and bonjour,

First and foremost, I am honored to be given this opportunity to run as candidacy of Director of
Strategic Development Bureau for MASAF 18/19 term. As a first year student in Bachelor of
Arts, Degree in Sciences of Language an Information Specialising in Teaching French as a
Foreign Language at Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, I would like to be part of the
MASAF family to enable and broaden the horizon of the MASAF community. In addition, I am
willing to give my fullest to improve and improvise this movement in order to create a better
Malaysian regardless of races and religions. We have witness new Malaysia was born a month
ago, hence we do need a new MASAF backbones to enlighten and enhance the movement for a
new high quality students and citizen.
As I believe we need continue the excellence achievement of MASAF, my objectives are:

1. Be the voice of students and considering the new ideas from students and alumnus to
ensure each activity held will give an impact to the students. Ensure all voices of will be
heard and the concept of liberty, equality and fraternity is applied.

2. Guarantee the quality and relevance of every activity planned and held by MASAF and
ensure the maximum participation reached. Established a relation with other students
association in UK, Europe and other Asian countries. For example, organizing an event
and collaborate with ARIF France, United Kingdom Eire Council of Malaysian Students
(UKEC) or other countries students associations.

3. Organizing an intercity bench mark program to strengthen the relation between
students and informally introducing MASAF especially to the new students as this can be
a platform to gain publicity aside from social media. A well-known association can help
in encouraging maximum participation in any MASAF events.

4. Celebrating Malaysian festivals not only focalising in Paris but also in small cities to
embrace the culture that we have and promoting our countries in the eye of the French
people and to the world.

5. Improvising the objective of all annual MASAF events and rebranding certain events that
are less publicize to gain more public.

Last but not least, these are the manifestos to be achieved if elected as Director of Strategic
Development Bureau and it may be sound too ambitious, but nothing is impossible. Give me all
your trust and together we reborn a new MASAF.