Assalamualaikum wbt and bonjour.

First and foremost, I’d like to present my candidacy as Executive Director of MASAF 2017/2018.

I’m Zafirah. A second year DUT student, currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering in IUT Aix-Marseille, in Aix-en-Provence. Being a former member of the Communications Bureau, I aspire to broaden my horizons in being a medium – not only between Malaysian students in France – but also being a connection between us and the world. Hence, being a voice.

Working with MASAF for the past year had lead me to believe that I am capable in delivering to the people, working as a team and handling tasks that a typical student is accustomed to. Thus, if elected as Executive Director, here are a few things that I will try to achieve:

1. Intending in being a voice for MASAF, I’d like to create more ties with other Asian students’ associations in France. Knowing that we are a minority, by creating ties, we may not only broaden our circle of friends, but we could also form connections between countries for the benefit of our careers in the future.

2. In conjunction with creating ties with Asian students in France, I would also intend to come forward as a mouthpiece, for students in France, to Malaysia. Promoting France as an educational institute so that future students would stop being afraid of stepping into a country that is completely foreign as compared to our own; learning a new language, culture, education system. I aim to encourage us to give more talks to students back in Malaysia so that one day, the French higher education system will too be on par as the UK, US and Australian systems.

3. Engaging more on humanitarian work and pulling more scholars in giving back to the society. Journée Sans Faim was a huge success but had disappeared within the last year and thus, I hope to bring back such activities so that we would not only enhance our academic capacity, but to accompany the knowledge that we acquired, we could also enhance the level of humanity within us.

It may be a long shot and it may be a bit too ambitious but I believe, come what may, if we have the support of our community – and having a superb team that will be working behind the scenes – anything, is achievable. As long as we put our minds and hearts into it, the greater good shall rise.