Hi everyone, my name is Nurul Najwa Salsabila Muhamad Azmi, currently studying at SKEMA Business School. For the MASAF 2017/18 term, I am running as a candidate for the Director of Bureau of Academics.

From my observation as a student who has been following MASAF’s activities and events, it is undeniable that this association has been doing an impressive work, and I would like to be a part of the progress.

As the head of this bureau, I have noticed the trend that most of the past events such as the career fair, and FedEx are catered to engineering students. Thus, as a social science student, I would like to take this opportunity to open up possibilities to other programmes that we have in France, for instance, the Business Administration, Political Science, and Linguistic programmes. This will ensure MASAF serves as a platform for ALL students in France despite of their programmes.

I would also create FedEx type events for all preparatory programmes before flying to France. For the next session, FedEx will be targeting all future students from MFI, INTEC, IPG and private preparatory programmes as well as to nurture closer bonds among them while still in Malaysia.

In order to upscale MASAF, I will pioneer activities with other associations from neighbouring countries, for example, UKEC (United Kingdom), MGSS (Germany), SMSA (Russia), and MSAJ (Japan).This assures that we as students studying in France will establish and expand our networking internationally, while being exposed to the global arena.

Our main priority here in France is our studies, thus let me partake in your journey to success.

Vote me as your Director of the Academics Bureau.