Peggy CHAN: Candidate for MASAF Treasurer 2017/2018

Second year student in IUT Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

I am constantly seeking the opportunity to implement my knowledge and skills to make contribution to the community of Malaysian students in France. Hence, I started to join MASAF during the year 2016/2017 as a part of MASAF E&L Bureau.

I really enjoyed working with other MASAF members, and I want to make even greater contribution for the following year by becoming a MASAF HICOM member.

  •  I believe that commitment is the key component in any society. I always held on to a belief whenever I work within an association, and this will continue to apply during my year with MASAF. “Ask not what MASAF can do for you. Ask what you can do for MASAF.”  I will be committed to the post and its responsibilities, but also will be flexible in order to make sure that MASAF runs smoothly.
  •  I love to work with different people and learn from each experience I had encountered. From previous roles and projects during my secondary school and even back in Malaysia France Institute (MFI), I was required to organise multiple events and this helped to form myself as a team player. I am confident working within team and as well as having a comprehensive set of communication skills with other team members.
  •  What I know for sure is a good treasurer needs to have methodical way of thinking and an eye for detail. I am able to work independently and I can make important decisions if needed while making sure that the decisions made reflect the intentions and objectives of the MASAF.

If elected as MASAF Treasurer, I would like to achieve the following objectives:

  •  In order to facilitate the activities, I will be very sensible with our money, making sure it is spent in the most efficient way possible. I will ensure that all events are funded with proper allocations while keeping expenses and event fees to a minimum.
  •  Knowing the importance of a good financial health, I will manage accounts efficiently by keeping MASAF’s bookkeeping up to date for the months and the year to come. To ensure the transparency of MASAF’s finance, accounts can be consulted by the HICOM at all time, and I’ll be glad to share and discuss the financial situation together with the group.
  •  While working closely with the committee members, I realise that sometimes I may have to decline propositions which could leave MASAF short of money. All the decisions made will be openly discussed before the decision time. I will also improve the efficiency of reimbursements to MASAF committees after an event is done.

Serve. Smile. Become a part of MASAF family.