First of all, I’m honored to be given the opportunity to run for Director of Editorial. I’m currently a firstyear chemical engineering student in IUT Saint Nazaire, part of PF13 batch. I’ve joined the Bureau of Entrepreneurship and Leadership and handled various tasks. Being an active member of MASAF, I was the Head of Merchandise for the MASAF games 2016 and the event manager of All-Star Leadership Camp 2016 under guidance of my director. It’s been one year of learning, and I wish to contribute further to MASAF.

Based on my observation, the Editorial Bureau normally handles the posters for events. In fact, we can actually go beyond that by providing practical information in graphics, for example current issues in France or in Malaysia. Many students, being far from home, are not updated on the hottest issue happening. Instead of reading news, we can provide short, detailed information in order to draw their attention to economics and politics. Same can be applied when we promote summer break programs. We have many students who have been involved in Teach for Malaysia (TFM) or engineering related events such as Industry Insights, and by telling their experience would be a huge boost to appeal for more attention.

I have always shared the passion of writing and have written one article on malaysia-students.com. From my experience, it’s important to share valuable opinions, which is why I would make MASAF a platform. We would invite any interested ones to send us their articles, and by doing so attracting more attention from students of France. Students in other fields such as business and French language can make their presence stronger, and thus bridging the gap between engineering and non-engineering students.

Throughout my experience, I can see the structure of MASAF more clearly. From my point of view, one of the core values of MASAF is the cooperation between different departments. I intend to continue the efforts by working closely with different departments. The first edition of La Légende was impressive and gives coverage on all the events happening, but it would be more insightful if we tell the stories from a committee’s point of view, or even participants’. By achieving this, we would encourage our readers to join events or be part of it.

Our goal is to empower MASAF by empowering students with knowledge. I hope I’d be fit as a candidate and together make MASAF better