Buddy Program

WHAT IT IS exactly ?

Not sure which university to choose? Not sure which academic path you should take? Having problems finding internships?

Well right now MASAF is organising a mentor-mentee program. We are here to answer to all of your questions and provide help related to school, courses and internships.

Feel free to sign up as a mentor or a mentee 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ by completing the google form below.



  1. Fill up form, tell us about your academics background and internship experience
  2. MASAF pass your contact to mentee once we receive any request from mentee that matches your experience
  3. Mentee contact you personally


  1. Fill up form, tell us about your problem
  2. MASAF look for relevant seniors with similar experience and pass you the contact
  3. Contact mentor personally
  4. If doesn’t help with your problem, contact us at academics@masafrance.org for further assistance