The key to success? Preparation. 

We’re using the GatherTown Platform to connect you to corporate organizations. Knowing what to expect will set you up for success.

Use this page to learn how to meet with organizations and how to prepare to be successful at the virtual event

HOw to use gathertown as an attendee ?

participating companies

Click on the logo to obtain details about the company, job openings, etc. !


Before the Fair

Research the company and employers you will meet with at the fair

Check out company profiles on our webpage, their official websites, and the available job openings. You can also Google the employers and check out their LinkedIn to learn more about the organizations you’re meeting with. Use these resources to compile questions you want to ask.

During the Fair

Technology set up:

Prepare your environment. Do your best to arrange your space to make it as professional looking as possible.

  • Sitting in front of a plain wall or door with no one near you in a quiet space.
    • If you don’t have access to a plain wall/background, make sure your space looks tidy behind you. 
    • If you have a pair of headphones or earphones, use that to reduce background noise.
  • Pay attention to lighting. Make sure your visage is visible clearly
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Test your mic and video. 

What to wear:

We encourage students to dress in “smart” casual or business casual attire, the same-way as you would for in-person fairs. 

What to say:

You’ll want to:

  • Practice your self-introduction or elevator pitch and be ready to give more context about your resume. Focus on the big takeaways you want to drive home if they ask about a resume item: skills gained, achievements, projects/products, etc.
  • Research the employer: Check out their website, their LinkedIn page, and relevant job postings. Plus Google the employer in case there is big news about them that just got released. Be ready to tell the employer at least 1 reason you are interested in their organization.
  • Develop a list of questions for each employer you are meeting with. This shows the employer that you truly care about this opportunity to talk, that you respect their time, and are sincerely interested.
  • Get the employer’s contact information, if available, so you can follow up with a thank you email.

this event is sponsored and supported by jpa & mida