MASAF Olympia 2021 – Registration

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Coucou 👋 !!

The registration for MASAF Olympia is finally open 🙀 !

Registrations will be open from today until the 19th of February. You will have a week to choose the category(s) that you would like to join and register for. As there are no limitations on the amount of categories you can participate, feel free to join as many events as you want. However, you can only join one subcategory per category. We love crazy sport spirits 😉 (and the chances of YOU winning would be higher too!).

In the registration form, there will be a section for the terms and conditions 🚨 . Kindly read it carefully (and meticulously!) to ensure that you understand them well, particularly the rules and regulations of the events and categories offered in MASAF Olympia. Our deepest hope is for all participants to have an amazing time with us, with minimal problems arising 🤗 .

For further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at ;
Iqmal – @iqaffaz
Amrizal – @mhmdamrizal
Bahiyyah – @najwabahiyyah

À très bientôt!