MASAF Olympia 2021 – Rulers Of Olympus

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“I want to join MASAF Olympia but I’m not good at running😢” 

Don’t get in a fluster! Rulers of Olympus is specifically designed to cater the needs of everyone😉. As this is intended to be a sports talent competition, no matter what competence you want to bring to the table, we will accept it! Perhaps you want to showcase your talent in rock climbing? As it is winter, maybe you want to demonstrate your skills in skiing or snowboarding? This is the right time to harness and show your capability!

Join us now and gain the chance of winning great prizes🏆. Let the inner sportsman be free!

For further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at ;
Iqmal – @iqaffaz
Amrizal – @mhmdamrizal
Bahiyyah – @najwabahiyyah