Dear Malaysians,
You know those friends who are perpetually there for you? Whether you need a ride home at 2 in the morning or you’re sick and they come bring you soup, you just know you can always count on them to have your back. Well, that’s sort of like the relation MASAF has been doing for you directly & indirectly.

Today, we are going to ask you to support MASAF by being a paid Premium Member. This might sound unusual for some : Why does a student association that was created in 2007, is imposing a paid premium membership?

MASAF is a non-profit student organisation that relied heavily on sponsorship. However, our sponsorship has been decreasing tremendously. That’s why you might have noticed that the participation fee for MASAF events has been increasing. In order to properly serve you all, we would like your financial support.

Therefore, Malaysians who paid are considered as Premium Members and those who aren’t, are considered as Free Members. (Once a Malaysian becomes a student in France, one will automatically become a MASAF member)

The following are the general details about the premium membership program.

Fee : minimum 5 euros
Duration : a school year (From Sept until August the following year)
– Cheaper rate to MASAF events
– Rights to run for MASAF election
– Priority before the others for the limited places events
– Etc.

How to pay:
– By bank transfer (MASAF RIB : Please state “Membership” in the label)
– Via HICOM or city reps

You will receive a confirmation mail by MASAF when we have received your payment.
Once you have paid, kindly fill in our form on this following link so that we can update you when we receive your transfer :

Other details:
– Malaysians that are serving their mandate in HICOM are automatically Premium Members.

If MASAF is useful to you, take one minute to sign up as a paid MASAF member. Thank you.

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