Hi everyone,

As you know, we started a charity sale under the name of MASAF Solidaire this year, where the profits are donated a 100%. Thank you for your contribution and support towards this short project. We would like to announce that the donation has been made to the chosen organization; SHELTER Home for Children on 13/06/2019. This organization focuses on rescuing and protecting children exposed to domestic violence, extreme neglect or abandonment and helps them recover by giving them unconditional love, care and education.

The profit of the sales totalling 81 euros which we have rounded up to 100 euros (approximately RM 471.28) will be used towards the following quality care:

  • Food & Living Expenses
  • Pocket money & other needs
  • Personal clothings & medical expenses
  • School fees, books, tuition etc.

Thank you again for your participation, however big or small. If you are interested in donating or  volunteering, you can consult their ‘need list’ on their website for more information.


Signing off,

MASAF Solidaire Team 2018/2019