On 19 July 2014, BANGI

“Morning session” For the Newcomers as MASAF Welcomes them into the family.

This year, during summer break, again MASAF had organized this remarkable annual event; MASAF edu-talk.  On morning, as early as 8a.m, most of the MASAF HICOM had gathered around amphitheater. Besides them, the junior (PF12 and PF13) were anxious to participate in this event and they were busy registering their names. Upon arrival of the VIP, the anchor started this morning session with greeting speech.


Datuk Mazliham started his first speech by giving a brief history of Pre-France and his own life. He also motivated the students by being an example on his own. He also elaborated his ideas on establishing a new unikl campus at France and school of engineering in Malaysia. He ended the speech by giving some advises to the students. ‘’ Work hard, pray and have blessing from parents

Mr. Maxime feraille, representative of Malaysia France University Center (MFUC) gave a speech on roles of Campus France and MFUC. The speech followed by Mr. Michel Lozac’h, general director of Malaysian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MFCCI) on roles of MFCCI and internship in companies.

“It`s a great event. MASAF should continue doing this” said Mr. Maxime Feraille when beinginterviewed regarding feed-back of this event. “It will be a great event if MASAF could organize this more than one day” suggested Mr.Syukri , ex-student of PRE-France program.

Not just speech, MASAF brought this event to a whole new level by sharing life experiences regarding studies and lifestyle in France during a forum in front of the newcomers. “I appreciate this year`s forum as they invited different type of students to share their opinion during the forum” remarked Madam Yananorfariza, representative of MFUC. In meanwhile, the seniors, mostly PF10 as they returned to their homeland this year for holiday were having Edu-talk in another showroom in MFI with their ex-senior. At the end of this event, token of appreciations were given to the guests.

The audience and participants were deeply enlightened by this event despite having spending their precious Saturday morning waking up early. Believe me or not, at the end of the event, everyone returned home with a smile on their faces and joyful sentiments. “Bonding is important and always stay to together” wished Mr.Mourad, head of PRE-France program.

MASAF once again marked a huge success of this event by having various positive feedbacks. MASAF, you can do it!!

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